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   Chapter 2516 Grand Leader Waddell

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"What I want, is for your father to come to me looking for revenge," Austin said with a smile.

He then transferred Grand Leader Waddell's son back to the Slave Tower.

He also sent all the other evil monsters to the Diabolic Killing Needle. The needle was in the secret room of the ninth floor of the Slave Tower.


The Diabolic Killing Needle which had been silent this whole time awakened at the smell of fresh blood.

In a flash, it absorbed all the evil creatures.

"It seems that the Diabolic Killing Needle needs a lot of energy.

No wonder it has been lethargic and not responding at all this whole time. It turns out it needed more energy for it to evolve.

It seems I made a good decision to come here.

I need to go hunting and supply it with more evil energy so that it can get back to work at its perfect optimal state, '

Austin thought.

Meanwhile in the territory of the Third Demonic World that was ruled by the Grand Leader Waddell, an evil creature at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm came to the gate of the palace carrying a fiery red broken arm that had been severed from the shoulder socket.

"Stop. This is the place where Grand Leader Waddell is cultivating.

No one is allowed to go in unless it is an emergency or you are family!"

the two evil creatures that guarded the gates shouted at once.

"I have something to tell Grand Leader Waddell. It is very important.

Please inform Grand Leader Waddell, that I would like to see him,"

said the evil creature of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm.

"I don't think you are qualified to meet our grand leader,"

one of the guards said unkindly, while turning his gaze away from him as if he was a none existent fly in their presence.

The guard was telling the truth. Only those who had reached the Eighth or Ninth Evil Energy Realm had the honor to meet the grand leader.

An evil creature of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm like him was way below the strata and not qualified to even touch his shoe.

"I don't think you understand the situation. This is... Grand Leader Waddell's son's arm,"

the evil creature of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm said in a scared tone.

'What are you talking about?

You mean that this is the young master's arm?'

Shocked, the two guards stared at the red arm that still had fresh droplets of blood dropping on the ground as if it had just been freshly cut.

'Grand Leader Waddell only has one son, and he is very fond of him. If anything would happen to him, the whole world would pay for it.'

"Wait a minute. I will go and inform the grand leader right away!"

The two guards finally realized how serious the situation was. One of them turned around and rushed into the dark palace behind them that they were guarding.

ip, fixing his eyes on the entrance of the Third Demonic World.

"Master, the evil creatures of the Third Demonic World are coming this way," he informed Austin.

Rolling demonic aura gushed out from the entrance to the Evil Abyss World; an indication that evil creatures that were really powerful were approaching.

Lots of white skull warships then appeared at the entrance.

There were at least a few thousands of them!

Grand Leader Waddell knew that Austin had the eight chaotic evil beasts and a large group of beasts under his command so he wasn't taking any chances.

He was taking every precaution necessary. Therefore, in order to take victory, he had taken almost half of his men with him.

It also showed that he was determined to take Austin's life!

In the split of a second, numerous skull warships crowded a large area near the entrance.

"Great! It's show time."

Austin grinned as he looked at the skull warships.

The more the evil creatures were, the happier he was.

That was because the evil creatures could provide the Diabolic Killing Needle with evil energy. So the more they were the merrier the party would be.

At that moment, the white skull warships stopped in the universe.

A squad of evil creatures rushed out of each skull warship.

They were all dressed in military armors, with a ferocious look on their faces. They gave off an evil, aggressive aura.

In the blink of an eye, the space around the entrance was filled with evil creatures.

A tall scary evil creature in red flames arrogantly walked out of the largest skull warship, majestically sauntering out of the warship like a god.

It was none other than Grand Leader Waddell.

His gaze swept over the nearby space.

Suddenly, he rested his eyes on the direction where Austin's warship was in disbelief and fresh anger.

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