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   Chapter 2515 The Present

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After finally deciding, Austin and Eight Stone Saints set out and left the Ancient Forbidden Land.

The divine silkworm clearly ordered: each species of the insect race would need to select their most powerful members and send them to guard Austin.

Eight Stone Saints also chose their most trusted subordinates and took them along.

Meanwhile, Austin took four intelligent chaotic evil beasts with him, and left the other four to defend the Immortal End World while he was away.

Up in the starry sky, the warship turned into an inconspicuous light, accelerating at an astonishing speed.

"Wow! This warship is incredibly fast!"

Eight Stone Saints praised with mouth agape.

Together with Austin, they were aboard the ship, so they could primarily feel its lightning pace.

Austin teleported the rest of their companions into the Slave Tower before they set off.

The journey from the Immortal End World to the Evil Abyss World would take quite long.

Fortunately, the warship was fast enough to get them there after ten days.

Austin and the Eight Stone Saints noticed the change in atmosphere and surrounding, signaling that they were closely approaching their destination.

"Master, the Evil Abyss World is over there. Look! We are close,"

an evil creature said to Austin, standing beside the latter and looking into the distance.

He was Solow, the one who had volunteered to serve Austin.

Austin had specifically asked Solow to lead the way.

Far away in the universe was a vast area enveloped with dim lights and evil aura.

Many black stars, stripped of life and vegetation, landed their sight.

In the center of that area was a massive black hole.

It reeked of strong evil aura that gradually gushed out of it.

Screams of the evil creatures would eventually toot out of that hole, as miseries, pains, and agonies were stored in it.

This black hole was the entrance to the Evil Abyss World.

Evil Abyss World was a very powerful world in the universe, one that was feared by many.

It was constructed with eighteen parts.

Every part was a small world in itself.

And all of those small worlds were erected inside the hole.

From the outside, those worlds were named according the order of their establishments namely: the First Demonic World, the Second Demonic World, the Third Demonic World, and so on. The last one was, of course, the Eighteenth Demonic World.

"So, this

yes agape as they looked at each other with wide eyes.

After what Austin said, it only took the two a few seconds to identify him.

"You are Austin Lin of Immortal End World!"

the two evil creatures exclaimed in chorus.

The news that Grand Leader Waddell's son had been kidnapped by Austin of Immortal End World had widely spread in the entire Third Demonic World.

"Yes, that's right. I am Austin."

Austin grinned, obviously mocking the two.

With just a wave of his hand, he quickly teleported a young evil creature out of the Slave Tower.

This creature, with fiery red skin that draped his body, was Grand Leader Waddell's blood.

Austin captured him in the North Dragon Badlands of the Ancient Celestial World.

"Let me go right this instant!

Otherwise, my father will not spare you!"

the young evil creature bellowed at Austin the moment he emerged out of the tower.

Austin swept his fingers and quickly cut off one of the creature's arms.

"Bring this arm to Grand Leader Waddell and tell him it is my present to him,"

Austin instructed one of evil creatures at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm as he threw the young evil creature's arm to him.

The evil creature grabbed a hold of the arm, and stared at it, shocked.

"Get lost!"

Austin yelped.

It was until then that the evil creature at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm came back to his senses and ran away with the arm.


Austin, just wait!

My father will not let you off the hook. I swear this to your grave!"

Grand Leader Waddell's son furiously shouted as the evil creature's figure gradually disappeared.

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