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   Chapter 2514 They're On Our Side

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At once, the Eight Stone Saints let out their spiritual sense to wash over everything around them to check their surroundings.

If they weren't so hasty with their inspection, they would have noticed Austin who was hiding among the members of the devil insect race. But they rushed their check and their perception didn't manage to pick up his presence.

"It looks like this place is already surrounded by the devil insect race's forces.

If we want to get out of the encirclement, we have to fight till we die."

Asa's tone was darker than the tombs of the dead.

"That seems to be the only way now.

Let's not be hasty.

Preserve our strength.

After we break out of the encirclement, we can go find our two supreme grandmasters."

Unlike Asa, Willard's voice was as calm as a peaceful lake on a sunny day. He was at peace and certain about their situation.

"The two supreme grandmasters!"

The crowd of spirits of holy stone that surrounded them wheeled back in shock at his brazenness.

"The two supreme grandmasters have been in seclusion to cultivate themselves for hundreds of thousands of years.

I don't think it's a good idea to disturb them,"

said Asa carefully and trained his eyes on Willard.

"There's no other choice left.

Our race and the devil insect race have nothing but pure hatred against each other now.

If the situation keeps on going like this, all this fighting would make it impossible for us spirits of holy stone to survive in the Ancient Forbidden Land.

This matter is about the very survival of our race. It's time for the two supreme grandmasters to show up,"

Willard stated.

"You're right."

The rest of the spirits of holy stone nodded in agreement.

The Eight Stone Saints observed the conversation with expressions darker than a stormy sky.

It could no longer be denied that their current situation was grave.

There were too many beings who were from the devil insect race.

Every inch of their surroundings was covered with a swarm of the force of the devil insect race. Every move they made was a powerful tidal wave.

If the spirits of holy stone wanted the slightest chance of breaking out of the encirclement, they would have to pour out everything they had and dirty their hands.

"Let's make haste and without further ado. We'll gather all our people and break out of this siege!"

Asa immediately rallied all their comrades.

"Yes, sir!"

The spirit of holy stone who arrived and reported, immediately took the Asa's declaration and hastily left.

It didn't take long for all spirits of holy stone to gather together.

There were only a little more than a thousand of them in total.

Although each of them was powerful in their own ways, their pitiful numbers was the true reason they couldn't put up much resistance against the head on assault of the devil insect race.

The Eight Stone Saints left the mountainside with more than a thousand members of their companions and we

rself, we can definitely kill at least three grand leaders effortlessly if we work together. It would be easy with our combined power.

We may even have a chance even if we had to take on ten grand leaders at the same time.

I already have a way to lure in the ten grand leaders and end them once and for all."

Willard smiled confidently at their gathered group.


Austin turned in surprise to look at him.

Willard had always been calm and resourceful no matter the situation.

"Austin, you can hide at the entrance of the Evil Abyss World and kill the evil creatures from the Third Demonic World.

If you specially target them then you'll definitely capture their undivided attention.

The ten grand leaders would get rattled once they get the news.

Especially the five grand leaders, whose descendants are in your hands. They're most likely to come after you.

Once they do, we can kill them and end several grand leaders at the same time,"

Willard explained his simple plan to his enraptured audience.

"Well, we can give that a try,"

Austin agreed easily.

The ten grand leaders were the most capable subordinates of Devil Ancestor Bale.

If they managed to kill some of the grand leaders, they would definitely weaken the strength of the Third Demonic World.

More than Austin's grudge for Devil Ancestor Bale, he still hadn't forgotten the time when the Third Demonic World sent their warriors to block the area around the Immortal End World.

It was time for them to pay that back and Austin knew that they could fight back with his current strength.


Let's go to the Third Demonic World and make a scene!"

Austin jumped to his feet and declared to his gathered comrades.

The combined force of the devil insect race, the Eight Stone Saints, his eight intelligent chaotic evil beasts, and his own strength was truly strong.

There was no more reason for Austin to fear the evil creatures from the Third Demonic World.

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