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   Chapter 2513 The Whereabouts Of The Eight Stone Saints

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As brilliant as the star in the sky, the divine silkworm shone blindingly.

Without warning, an extremely terrible pressure came down from the sky. This immediately encapsulated the supreme grandmaster of the gold-devouring devil bug.

"What? !"

Scared stiff, his hair stood on end as he closely watched the divine silkworm.

He could feel that the blood in his body was getting cold.


The divine silkworm rushed towards him, leaving a trail of dazzling light in its tracks.

Although the supreme grandmaster wanted to resist and move, he was unable to because of the suppressing power he felt deep from within him. Exerting all of his strength would be futile.


Absorbing the damage the divine silkworm gave, the supreme grandmaster of the gold-devouring devil bugs was thrown back, as if he had been struck by lightning.

"What's going on?"

Witnessing everything that took place, the other two supreme grandmasters were taken aback.

Throughout the devil insect race, the three of them was considered as the strongest and the most powerful.

Regardless of their status, it took the silkworm a single move to take down one of them.

This golden silkworm was extremely strange and powerful.


They're not joking! It's really THE divine silkworm!"

The supreme grandmaster that had been thrown out finally recognized the identity of his enemy.

"The divine silkworm!"

Shocked with fear and trepidation, the other two looked at each other.

The devil insect race acknowledged them as the three top-level masters among them. They had lived for long time with rich experience and knowledge.

Obviously, they would know how daunting and formidable the divine silkworm was.

After all, the divine silkworm was counted as a legendary beast!

Legendary beasts like this were born in the universe when it was newly created. They were raised innately and was dubbed as the favorites of the heaven and earth.

In comparison to these divine beasts, the monsters in the Ancient Forbidden Land would have nothing against them.

The divine silkworm might look small and unsuspecting in appearance, but it was now actually at the fourth level.

Before it finally matured, the divine silkworm had to go through nine times of cocooning.

Considering that it was now at its fourth level, it should be immensely powerful by now.


Once it dawned on them who they were dealing with, the three supreme grandmasters knew it best not to infuriate it any further and simply escape.

With a wave of its little claw, the seven supreme grandmasters of other insects rushed towards the th

e known, the stone mountains were emptied, and inside it were many underground places hidden.

The spirits of holy stone may live in these underground palace,"

one of the supreme grandmasters advised Austin.

"I see.

Send someone over there to have a look."

Austin nodded in agreement.

At this time, inside one of the stone mountains, where all of its contents are emptied out of everything, were filled with so many palaces.

And in one of these palaces, drinking in its hall were the Eight Stone Saints.

They had been hiding there for days to avoid the devil insect race hunting for them.

"Damn it!

It appears that the devil insect race have already found us.

Armies of the devil insect race are just outside. They are all coming in here!"

A spirit of holy stone rushed into the hall all of a sudden.

"What? !"

Surprised by this revelation, the Eight Stone Saints stood up immediately.

"Damn it! I can't believe that the devil insect race has finally found us!

It's time for us to make a stand right here!"

Wesley, one of the Eight Stone Saints, interjected. Among them, he was the one with a hot temper.

"Don't worry, brothers.

It's best if we acquire some information about our adversaries before making an attack,"

Asa, the head of them, suggested.

"The amount of members of the devil insect race is incalculable, and among them, there are lots of masters already.

Judging the situation we are in, we are definitely outnumbered.

We won't be able to put up a good fight against them if we decide to fight head on.

It's wise for us to plan our escape instead,"

Willard proposed.

Among the Eight Stone Saints, he was the calmest and most resourceful one.

"That's right,"

Asa agreed.

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