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   Chapter 2512 Surrender

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9909

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It could be said that the devil moth grandmaster's speed was deadly and terrifying whenever he moved his body.

However, he was no match for the divine silkworm which seemed to be even faster.

And even more than that blinding speed, all the insects felt suppressed within the very blood that flowed through them in the face of the divine silkworm.

The devil moth grandmaster felt his blood run cold and his body turn powerless when faced with the divine silkworm. His strength that was touted to be powerful was difficult to use.

That was why his speed and skills were greatly reduced.

It wasn't long after the divine silkworm caught up to the devil moth grandmaster and grabbed onto his head at lightning speed.


The divine silkworm raised a small claw and ran it down the devil moth grandmaster's head.

There was a loud bang as the devil moth grandmaster slammed into the ground. His spiritual soul shuddered within him and he felt it burn as if it was about to explode.

"I surrender!

Don't kill me! I will serve you as your man!"

In a few moments before his death, the devil moth grandmaster couldn't think of anything else but to desperately cry and beg for his life.

The mighty devil moth grandmaster pleadingly looked at the divine silkworm who towered over his cowering form.

The divine silkworm stopped its attack and grounded its heel upon the devil moth grandmaster's head.

"Come here! All of you! Show your respect to His Majesty, the honorable divine silkworm!"

The devil moth grandmaster's call for the rest of his race was muffled from where his head was forced into the ground.

It was shameful to see their master be treated like dirt but all the devil moths in the valley hesitated only for a short moment.

They all eventually flew out although some of them hesitated longer than the others.

"It's an honor to meet you, Your Majesty!"

All the shaking devil moths humbly lowered their heads to the ground.

No one dared to take a step out of line lest it should be taken that they were trying to disobey.

The terrifying aura from the divine silkworm was enough to make every devil moth cower and fear for their lives.

It was common knowledge for all the worms that the divine silkworm was born to be the king of all the insects and he was meant to rule.

The obedience that the devil moths showed wasn't fake because they truly did believe that the divine silkworm was their king and so there was no resistance in their hearts.

It was just like how commoners felt when they suddenly saw the emperor.

It was common sense that commoners would surrender to the emperor!

And they surrendered willingly!

Unbeknownst to the insects, right under the ground where they knelt was Austin who was surprised and pleased at the events he was sensing.

'It seems that the divine silkworm can command all the insects. This legend is true!'

Austin dismissed the doubts he held in his he


The devil moth grandmaster stepped forth and spat out the demands of their army.

He had already realized what he should do.

The divine silkworm was the king of all insects and so it was not a humiliation to surrender to such a divine being. It was only right to follow their king.

He knew that the divine silkworm would sooner or later subdue all the members of the devil insect race in the Ancient Forbidden Land.

It was better to butter up the silkworm as soon as possible and he might even get put into an important position in the future.

"His Majesty? The divine silkworm?!

You old devil moth, what do you mean? Who is this stupid silkworm?

How does it have the right to demand our respect?"

The three supreme grandmasters of the gold-devouring devil bugs were stunned at the audacity of the demands.

"Shut up!

How dare you be disrespectful to His Majesty? Do you know that those words alone would make you deserve a severe punishment?"

The devil moth grandmaster was near frothing in anger as he shouted at the three supreme grandmasters of the gold-devouring devil bugs.

It seemed that he was now completely loyal to the divine silkworm.

"Your Majesty!

Please give the order to teach these rude bugs a lesson at once!"

The devil moth grandmaster politely tittered at the divine silkworm.


The three supreme grandmasters of the gold-devouring devil bugs finally noticed the divine silkworm and they stared at the mini-sized silkworm for a moment.

"Ha ha...

What's the problem, you old devil moth? Why are you groveling to this little guy?

Did he do something to you?"

One of the supreme grandmasters of the gold-devouring devil bugs couldn't help but cackle at the absurdity of the situation.

"Damn it! It is just a little silkworm.

You old devil moth, what are you afraid of?

I'll kill it for you!"

the other supreme grandmasters roared as he rushed towards the divine silkworm.

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