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   Chapter 2511 The Suppression Of Blood Power

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"Be careful, little guy,"

Austin advised the divine silkworm.

In response, the divine silkworm simply nodded its head. With a whoosh, it transformed into a golden light and rushed towards the distant valley.

Austin was both relieved and mesmerized as he watched the divine silkworm disappeared towards the horizon with an incredible speed.

After all, when it came to speed, he couldn't even compete with its skill.

Austin felt secure in the breakneck speed of the divine silkworm. As long as it had the ability to move swiftly, it could easily avoid dangers because no one could catch it.

"Let's go,"

Austin told the little infinity beast.

It was standing on Austin's shoulder.

The little infinity beast was just as powerful as the divine silkworm when it came to strength, so Austin let it out so it could have a physical activity.

He took the little infinity beast underground and they headed for the valley of the devil moth race.

This area was destroyed due to the last battle it held.

But now, everything was back to what it had been before.

The Ancient Forbidden Land had a mysterious law in its domain. A place could be automatically restored into its once pristine condition regardless of the damage it took prior its destruction.

After a short while, Austin finally arrived at the valley's entrance.

The divine silkworm, on the other hand, was already on the outside part of the valley.

As it approached its destination, it slowed down and swaggered into the valley.

Unfortunately, the divine silkworm was too small for it to grab any attention.

After a long time, a devil moth finally noticed it.


It seems that there is a strange silkworm trying to get in,"

the devil moth mentioned curiously.

Eventually, this acquired the attention of a dozen more devil moths. They all surrounded the divine silkworm.

"This little thing, is it a baby devil butterfly?"

"Not really.

They are much bigger than this.

And look, this one is golden in color.

The larva of the devil butterfly is milky white."

"That's true.

If it's not a devil butterfly, what could it be? Is there such a thing in the devil insect race?"

"Is it a rare kind?

We should take it back and let the supreme grandmaster have a look."

The curious devil moths began discussing around the divine silkworm.


d to know who was the owner of such power.

In an instant, his eyes were fixed on a golden silkworm in the distance.

He immediately realized the terrible suppression power on him previously was from this golden silkworm.

The divine silkworm was bathed in the dazzling light, sacred and lofty.

Auspicious clouds flew in from all directions with great majesty.

It was as if all the living beings in the world would kneel down upon seeing it!

"Oh, my God!

Is, is it..."

The supreme grandmaster of the devil moth race was astounded out of disbelief. He was gaping at the silkworm thinking of its legendary, terrifying existence.

The divine silkworm!

As a top master of the insects, he naturally knew how terrifying the divine silkworm was.

It was the king of insects, which gave orders to all the insects in the world!

The divine silkworm had this authority because it could easily suppress any insect with its innate superior blood power!


The divine silkworm stared back at the supreme grandmaster.

It noticed that the old moth was the most powerful being in the valley.


The divine silkworm once again transformed into a golden light and rushed straight towards the supreme grandmaster.


I can't believe it!

I will never surrender to anyone!"

The supreme grandmaster was petrified. Ignoring everything, he turned around and ran away.


This little guy is really that scary?"

Watching from under the ground, Austin was quite stunned that the divine silkworm was this powerful and influential.

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