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   Chapter 2508 The Birth Of The Divine Silkworm

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Inside the Slave Tower, Austin's eyes were trained on the cocoon unblinkingly as if he was transfixed.

"It has finally begun to hatch!" he exclaimed in delight.

The smile that cracked on his face, looked as if he had won a million dollars.

Crack! Crack!

More and more cracks appeared on the cocoon, which was a sure sign that it was about to hatch.

The cocoon gave off a golden light, and emitted a divine aura that even the wind slackened as if unwilling to blow without its permission.

As Austin took a closer look at it, he saw a creature that huddled itself up in fetal position as if protecting itself from the world.

The cocoon then stopped absorbing the holy pollen.

Apparently, it had gotten enough energy.

Austin guarded the cocoon like a hawk for a long time just waiting.

'It seems that it will take some more time before the divine silkworm hatched. The process is not as fast as I thought it would be.'

At the thought of this, Austin put the cocoon on the eighth floor of the Slave Tower and asked Brady to pay special attention to it and in case there were any developments, he should bring to his attention.

After that, Austin went to the secret room on the ninth floor of the Slave Tower.

Not long before, the Diabolic Killing Needle had absorbed the energy of the five grand leaders' avatars in the Ancient Celestial World.

Since then, the demonic avatar and the evil needle had been inactive and they seemed as if they had fallen in deep slumber. They looked so peaceful while asleep that it was difficult to believe that they were the ones with such strong demonic power.

The avatar finally woke up.

Only the evil needle remained motionless, suspended in the air and floating around in the secret room like a weightless piece of cloth.

Apparently, it was still in transformation.

Austin then took his time to analyze his demonic avatar's strength.

"Wow! It has grown very powerful..."

Austin was a little surprised by the result and huge improvements it had made.

With this transformation, the power of the demonic avatar was formidable.

After all, it had absorbed the energy of five grand leaders' avatars and was therefore exuding an air of power and strength.

Austin surmised that the demonic avatar could prevail over most masters at the Immortal King Realm.

Although the demonic avatar was strong, it was still slightly weaker than cultivators that were at the preliminary stage of Immortal Saint Realm.

'It's time to let it continue to practice the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, '

Austin thought to himself.

The next second, the demonic avatar walked to a corner of the secret room. I

d skeptically.

'Although the little guy looks amazing, but it is so small.

How would other insects take orders from it?' he wondered.

"Master, I have heard that the divine silkworm is a divine beast.

However, it still has to evolve nine times before it can reach the perfect state.

The divine silkworm has four white horizontal textures. That means it has evolved four times,"

Brady said.

Although Brady was not very powerful, he had read widely and knew a lot of legends. After all, he had lived for tens of thousands of years.

Austin looked carefully and saw four tiny white textures on the silkworm.

"Oh, you were right. Here they are!" Austin said.

"But why does it appear so weak..."

Austin remarked with a sigh.

Staring at Austin with its big eyes, the golden silkworm seemed to understand what he meant.

It blinked its big eyes and frantically made gestures with its legs to Austin, seeming to disagree with his remarks.

"You have a problem with my words?"

Austin finally understood what it meant.


As soon as Austin finished speaking, the golden silkworm jumped into the air. It writhed around and rushed towards him.

Austin immediately felt a terrifying force coming at him despite all he could see was a golden flash due to how fast the silkworm was moving.

The space around it rumbled. It was as if a mountain that was a hundred thousand feet high was thrown towards Austin and it was oppressing him down.

"Hey, buddy! You want to go a few rounds with me?

Well, show me what you have got and we can spar together!"

Austin then threw a punch.

Of course, Austin controlled his strength. If the golden silkworm couldn't withstand it, he could hold back and stop attacking at any time to avoid hurting it.

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