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   Chapter 2505 Need More Holy Pollen

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10092

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'What's going on with the cocoon? Why does it keep behaving in such a strange manner? Did the cocoon identify the energy that it needs for it to hatch?'

Austin was both surprised and pleased at the turn of events.

Austin had successfully hatched the little infinity beast before, and from that experience he had also learned how to interpret some of the behaviors of the cocoon as well as what to expect when it was about to hatch.

He then sent the silk cocoon of the divine silkworm and the purple cloth bag into the Slave Tower together.

As soon as Brady received Austin's message, he eagerly opened the purple cloth bag. Colorful pollen flew out of the bag, which created an interesting visual effect.

The silk cocoon rushed towards the dancing pollen, immediately trying to absorb it.


Suddenly, all the pollen moved towards the cocoon, dancing around it as if it had a magnetic field puling all the pollen towards it.

In a few seconds, the cocoon had absorbed all the pollen within its vicinity.

Crack! Crack!

Two unnoticeable cracks appeared on the silk cocoon.

'The cocoon needs the holy pollen; that is why it has devoured it so fast, '

Austin thought gladly as he sensed what had happened to the cocoon.

Austin had never met any precious natural resources that could allow the cocoons to hatch. He was pleasantly surprised and didn't expect that the holy pollen would be so effective.

'Now I know what I need to do.

If I can get my hands on more holy pollen, perhaps, I can hatch the divine silkworm, '

Austin thought excitedly.

"Well, I have a favor to ask, everyone.

How much holy pollen did you take from the devil insect race? Is it possible for you to share with me what you have collected?

I am willing to trade any precious natural resources that you may ask as a form of compensation for it,"

Austin said after thinking for a while.

The holy pollen from the devil insect race was precious and very rare. Austin didn't want to miss such an opportunity to hatch the divine silkworm.

"Austin, what do you mean, by asking us for our holly pollen?"

Austin's words came as quite a surprise to the Eight Stone Saints.

They had taken great risks sneaking into the holy place of the gold-devouring bugs to steal the holy pollen.

Now Austin was suddenly asking them to give him all the holy pollen they had acquired.

The request was so unexpected, it came as a great surprise to them.

"Don't worry. If you do me the favor, I will give you a handsome reward in return, maybe not today but one day,"

Austin said.

"Austin, why are you suddenly asking for more holy pollen? Does the holy pollen mean a lot to you?"

Rhys asked.

"Well since you have asked, I will come clean and tell you the truth,"

Austin replied.

With a wave of his hand, he teleported the cocoon of the divine silkworm out of the Slave Tower.

The cocoon looked magnificent. It was white and lustrous, and it had a diameter of about one meter.

dn't leave the Ancient Forbidden Land. Instead, he decided to come up with a strategy on how to best steal the holy pollen.

Moreover, his purpose for exploring the Ancient Forbidden Land was toughen himself through the trial. So encountering the devil insect race would be a kind of trial for him.

He could learn more fighting skills and improve his vital energy after experiencing life and death kind of fights with his opponents.

Hence, the thought of danger didn't scare Austin.

So, in the following days, Austin traveled through the Ancient Forbidden Land secretly using the Aura Disguising Skill.

Each time he encountered the insects, he either followed them or simply caught some of them to get useful information about the devil insect race.

Meanwhile, in a different location of the Ancient Forbidden Land, there was a limestone cave in the ground part of the Ancient Forbidden Land.

This pathways in the cave were so convoluted that they looked like a maze. It was filled with secret tunnels.

Countless gold-devouring devil bugs inhabited this cave.

There was a huge well lit hall in the depths of the cave.

"Sir, I guess that the human brat has the aura of the divine silkworm,"

a gold-devouring devil bug said.

Inside the hall, a giant gold-devouring devil bug was crawling on a shiny crystal.

It looked like a giant because its body was a hundred times larger than that of the other gold-devouring devil bugs. It also emitted a terrifying power.

"You think he has the divine silkworm...


Well, if he really has the divine silkworm, I order you to take it away from him.

Once I eat it, I will be able to evolve and gain greater powers and strength.

Maybe I will even gain the ability to command all types of bugs in the world like the divine silkworm.

By that time, we can rule other species of the devil insect race."

The giant evil bug let out a shrill laugh as it excitedly thought of everything it could do with the divine silkworm.

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