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   Chapter 2504 The Wakening Of The Divine Silkworm

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The words of the demonic insect stunned Austin; even the Eight Stone Saints were surprised.

"Huh? Hey, you disgusting creature! Why do you have a grudge against Austin? What has he ever done to you?

I don't think you two even ever crossed path.

Why did you attack him?"

Seeing that Austin was being troubled, Rhys spoke up for his friend.

Austin also wanted to know the answer. As far as he recalled, this was the first time he was seeing this insect.

Why had the latter found fault with him without reason?

"Well, you seem eager to know, so I shall oblige.

I sensed that this human carries something of great value with him; something that is incomparably important to our race.

I need to take him back with me and search him thoroughly.

Don't worry. As long as you allow me to finish my task, my friends and I shall not hurt him. In fact, we can make whatever promises you want us to make."

The leader of the demonic insects was straightforward in stating his intentions.

Clearly, he was determined to take Austin away.

A fit of laughter burst out among Austin's side after hearing this story.

"You know what? I know now why you were so eager, you jerks! You saw something that Austin have and now want to rob him of it!

How shameless of you, disgusting bugs! Who cares how important the thing is for you? He found it first, fair and square!

And now, you want to get it through robbery! Shameless creatures! And you speak as if it was the most justified thing ever!

Dream on, dumbo! As long as we are here, there's no way we're gonna let you have anything!"

Asa roared out in between the laugh.

"You're right. I hate robbers and their impudent conducts as well. Get out of here, you sickening bugs! Get out of here right now, or we're going to crush you!"

Rhys also shouted angrily at the top of his voice. He could not subdue the wrath inside him now.

The rest of the spirits of holy stone laughed and sneered as well.

Looking at the response of the Eight Stone Saints, Austin felt a warm feeling inside his heart.

He could clearly feel that all of them were good and upright people willing to help him without expecting something in return.

"So that's what you have decided! Very well!

It looks like you Stone Saints aren't going to do me this favor.

Listen to me very clearly! If you refuse this offer, you will regret it very soon."

The leading demonic insect gritted his teeth with a ruthless look in his eyes.

"And listen, you human boy. I'll give you one last chance. Come with me of your own free will.

Maybe I will spare your life if you are obedient.

Otherwise, you are going to die miserably!"

The demonic insect looked at Austin with a menacing and malicious look.

"Are you insane?

Who the hell do you think you are? Why should I go back with you?"

Austin's words

d a way to fight him.

If he stayed here, he would only bring trouble for the Eight Stone Saints, so he should leave as quickly as possible.

"Austin, wait!"

Asa suddenly called out.


Austin was stunned at this.

With a wave of his hand, a purple bag appeared in the air and floated towards Austin.

"This is the holy pollen of the devil insect race. It is the powdered form of the essence of hundreds of thousands of rare flowers and herbs from this world. It is extremely precious.

This is our gift for you,"

Asa told him with an honest expression.

"This is too precious, sir!"

Austin turned it down in a hurry. It would have been embarrassing to accept it.

"To tell you the truth, we stole this holy powder from the sacred place of the gold-devouring devil bug,"

Asa whispered to him in a low voice, winking at Austin with a knowing smile.

"I get it!"

With a weird look on his face, and a slight chuckle, Austin finally understood why the gold-devouring devil bugs came here without any sign and began fighting with the stone spirits.

The Eight Stone Saints really had stolen something from them!

"Austin, take it. Don't refuse our offer."

Rhys also tried to persuade Austin.

"All right, I will take it."

Austin was a straightforward man. He didn't refuse anymore. He couldn't. It was not in his nature.

As soon as he touched the bag with his hand, a comfortable feeling suddenly arose in his heart. The fantastic feeling coursed his body in an instant.

The holy pollen must have been magical indeed!

At that moment, Austin sensed a feeble stir on his body.

And several other stirs followed.

Austin suddenly felt another strange thing.

It was the divine silkworm had been sleeping in its cocoon all the time. To his surprise, however, it was moving now. It seemed that the divine silkworm had wakened.

The cocoon was stirring slightly!

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