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   Chapter 2502 My Treat

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Austin was surprised by the sudden request. After thinking for a while, he realized what the spirit of holy stone was referring to.

"Fine, you can have it," he agreed.

He flicked his finger and a golden bead flew out and floated before the spirit of holy stone.

The spirit of holy stone took the bead and retreated far away. It didn't stop until it was millions of miles away from Austin.

A moment later, lightning appeared in the area where the spirit of holy stone was located, illuminating the space.

Austin, on the other hand, landed on the ground and found himself a quiet dense forest. He sat cross-legged with his eyes closed and began meditating.

He had learned a lot from his regular battles with the spirit of holy stone.

So he needed to come up with a plan and a battle strategy of how he was going to gain victory in their next battle.

A few hours passed while Austin was still in this state.


A powerful figure then appeared in the forest not far from where Austin was meditating.

The spirit of holy stone made its presence known.

Austin narrowed his eyes at the increase in power he could perceive.

'It seems it successfully made a breakthrough. The energy pressure it is releasing is several times stronger than before.

Looks like it has also learned a lot from the regular fights we have been having, '

Austin thought as he stood up warily.

"Young man, I have to admit that you are very bold and fearless.

You have become so audacious that now you can even dare to treat me like a training object," the spirit of holy stone said in an indifferent tone.

It was hard to tell from its tone of voice whether it was happy or angry.

"But this is my first time to encounter such an interesting young man like you.

Although you have robbed me of many treasures, I have decided in my benevolence to let you go.

However, one of the treasures, the scripture which I think you have already read, is still in your possession.

It is one of the top treasures in our race. Unfortunately, it can't be in the hands of outsiders.

So you have to give it back to me,"

the spirit of holy stone said to Austin, as it reached out its hand and opened its palm.

"Okay, I guess your request is reasonable."

After thinking for a while, Austin waved his hand. Two small stones flew out and floated in front of the spirit of holy stone.

The spirit of holy stone put away the two stones.

"Come with me.

Now we're friends. Young man, would you care to have a drink with me? My treat,"

the spirit of holy stone invited.

In fact, it admired and appreciated Austin's talent.

It still couldn't believe that such a young man from the human race cou


There was a terrifyingly huge number that surrounded the whole palace.

The beetles had a hard shell, sharp claws, and a big mouth.

"Austin, these are a kind of exotic bugs, the gold-devouring devil bug.

Their weapon is their teeth. They can bite anything in the world,"

Rhys said to Austin through its spiritual sense.

"The gold-devouring devil bug? Their name is just as exotic as their features."

Austin was stunned.

To be honest, Austin didn't know much about the insects because he seldom met them in his adventures.

It was the first time that Austin had heard of the gold-devouring devil bug.

"Humph! How dare you, Eight Stone Saints? You sneaked into our sacred land and stole our treasure.

I'm going to make you all pay for it with your lives!"

An evil bug that was bigger than the other bugs walked out of the crowd and stared at the Eight Stone Saints with cold eyes, full of killing intent.

"Don't provoke us, you annoying bugs.

When did we break into your sacred place and steal your treasure?

Do you have any proof? If not, shut up and get out of here before we destroy you.

Don't think we are cowards and will not fight back,"

Asa, one of the Eight Stone Saints shouted in a cold voice.

"He's right.

Don't think we are afraid of you because we are outnumbered.

I personally have long been sick of you!

I wouldn't mind fighting and killing all of you!" Wesley, one of Eight Stone Saints bellowed, pointing at the gold-devouring devil bugs.

He was a very temperamental guy.

"Don't think that you can get away with your transgression by pretending that you are innocent. There is a Devil Pollen Tracking Array in our sacred place.

We can track down any intruders who have broken into our sacred place,"

the evil bug in charge sneered.

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