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   Chapter 2501 The Longest Battle

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Boom! Boom!

Just then, the golden palace trembled and gave off bright golden lights.

Before long, an old chariot ascended from the palace.

The fist-sized statue stood valiantly in the chariot as it gripped a sharp spear in its hand. The spear was long and dazzled like crystals. Suddenly, it was freezing cold, as the spear gave off cold mist into the air.

An overwhelming force came out from the stone statue and spread like wildfire, causing wild tremors and cracks on the ground.

'I was right. This thing is indestructible. Its power is equal to that of a master at the Immortal Sacred Realm!'

Austin was not threatened. Instead, he felt  excited knowing he was dealing with a powerful opponent.

It was no longer challenging for Austin to deal with a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm.

Austin was eager to fight with a master at the Immortal Sacred Realm to see what he was really capable of.

It was why Austin chose the spirit of holy stone as his opponent.

Meanwhile, the spirit of holy stone fixed its eyes on Austin who was at a great distance.

Two massive beam of light flashed from its eyes and caused two huge cracks to appear in the void.

"It's you!

I have been looking for you for a long time!"

the spirit of holy stone spoke in human language, stressing every syllable.

It recognized the young man right away. There was no mistake, he was the one who had broken into its palace and stole its golden liquid, golden bead and the Flaming Magic Scripture.

Anger rose from within the spirit of holy stone as it relived the moment.

Now, it was face to face with the guy who stole the treasures.


The spirit of holy stone looked dangerous as it pointed its spear towards Austin.

The chariot rushed towards Austin at an amazing speed.

Austin took out the back armor made by Devil Ancestor Bale and put it on as he summoned the Pot of Chaos. The pot drifted above his head and released potent streaks of omnipotent gas. It surrounded Austin and formed a shield around him.

Austin laughed and took a step forward. He felt confident and was eager to battle with his enemy.

"Let's have a good fight!"

He raised his right hand until it grew and became as big as a mountain.

His right palm was shrouded with five beams of sword aura of varied colors. They were one hundred thousand feet long and looked like five angry dragons throwing up fires into the air.

The Divine Ruling Chains covered in dazzling lights fell from the sky.


Austin's right palm and the spear collided.

The impact caused a massive wave of energy that cascaded into the ground. The force flattened the mountains and destroyed every forest as it swept across the earth.

The spirit of holy stone frowned and looked even more serious.

The strength of this young man was beyond its expectation.

It was taken

hing else that was uprooted from the ground regenerated and was restored to its former beauty.

The display of rule and power shocked Austin immensely.

He became more afraid of this Ancient Forbidden Land.

The battle lasted for about ten hours.

Austin was defeated once again.

He left the battleground and found himself a place to heal his wounds and recover.

"That's funny. This young man used me to train himself.

He is brave and I admire his courage.

But I also need someone to fight with.

Okay, I will play with you for a while,"

the spirit of holy stone muttered as it stared at Austin's departing figure.

In the next few days, Austin came back to the spirit of holy stone, and they fought a couple of times.

Ten days later, another fierce battle took place.

This time, they flew into the sky and exchanged blows above the clouds.

Because of the mysterious rule, living creatures could not fly in the Ancient Forbidden Land.

But the spirit of holy stone was powerful enough to free itself from the rule.

Austin had studied the law power, so he could fly and remain floated in the air even during a fight.

This was by far the most intense battle between them.

They had fought for two days.

The spirit of holy stone seemed to have an infinite source of power that it would never run out of it.

Austin's physical strength was equally relentless. He had stored countless vital energy in the vital energy stone and this made him unstoppable.

Austin had enough energy to last him a month of nonstop fighting. Two days was just a piece of cake.

Two days later, the spirit of holy stone stepped back in the middle of the fierce fight.

"Brat, I am about to make a breakthrough.

You stole my Sacred Sun Bead when you broke into my palace. Give it back to me now. I need it to help me break through,"

the spirit of holy stone suddenly said to Austin.

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