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   Chapter 2499 The Reborn

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9633

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Another four hundred years had passed in the time chamber.

It had been so long since.

One day, a blaring explosion suddenly disrupted the peace.

From the starry sky outside the Immortal End World came a dazzling light.

The white light broke through the space barrier and rushed into the Prime Martial World of the Immortal End World.

After some time, it penetrated the inner space of the tripod and reached Austin's head in the time chamber of the cave.

"It's coming!"

In the corner of the pavilion were Corey and Faran, who were playing chess. They suddenly stopped, and their eyelids began twitching wildly.

They both sensed what was happening inside the secret room.

The white light was like a thunderbolt, blazing and blasting from the sky, ready to shatter Austin's head.


In the secret room, the cocoon of law suddenly moved, transforming into countless shadows.

Instantly, it seemed that hundreds of thousands of cocoons were sent flying inside the room, causing quite a chaos.


However, the white light was incredibly fast. It locked onto the real cocoon, causing white fog to surge.

The poor cocoon fell on the ground.

Meanwhile, Austin's whole body shook violently. His skin cracked open, bleeding.

But he didn't mind it at all, not even flinching a bit. Instead, he firmly held on.

Since Austin had practiced all kinds of powerful body refining skills, his body was now adamant.

The second his skin cracked, it healed immediately on its own.


Another explosion and the earth and sky was instantly covered by a purple, majestic light.

It broke through the thick space barrier and penetrated the time chamber, pouncing towards the cocoon.

"These are not lightning, but the real law power of the universe!

It is one of the most terrifying forces in the entire world!"

Faran cried out in the pavilion, amazed as he intently stared at the lavender light.

"Yeah, that's right!

Now, all we need to do is wait and see if he can make it through.

If a cultivator fails this process, he will die and become a part of the eternal laws of the world.

On the other hand, if he makes it through, then he will be reborn with extreme power.

His strength will improve by great leaps and bounds!"

Corey exclaimed, nodding and keenly glaring at the periwinkle light too.


With the blaring sound, the purple light hit the cocoon.

Crevices slowly showed on the surface of the divine cocoon, as if it was about to break apart.


After the purple light, a black light now shot from the starry sky and rushed towards the cocoon too.

At this moment, Austin was now sober inside the cocoon.

As he tried to get back to his senses, a horrible feeling suddenly dwelled on him.

'The black light does not hurt my physical body but my spiritual soul instead!'


has been persecuted for life! "Clunk!"

It seemed as if dozens of dull thunders were stirring in Austin's Soul Sea, shooting towards his spiritual soul fiercely.

The nine energy columns not only attacked his flesh but also his spiritual soul!

Damn! It was going to obliterate Austin!

The nine light pillars seemed to have originated from a higher level, and they were judging Austin with close scrutiny.

His hair was in a mess. His body was shining. His vital energy was struggling violently, and his spiritual sense was boiling.

He exerted all his vital energy force, physical strength, and spiritual sense to madly resist.

At last, nine light columns burst into pieces with just a crash. Their flames burned and covered Austin completely.

In an instant, both Austin's body and his spiritual soul were in a state of collapse.

The nine colored flames continued to burn harshly.

Its blasting fire lasted for more than a dozen days.

And during this, all kinds of insights and methods appeared in Austin's mind.

"Wo-hoo! It worked!

With nine colors flames burning, the nirvana is finally achieved!"

Corey shouted in complete shock, almost jumping to his feet in sheer joy.

"Damn it! This guy is really extraordinary!

Only those sect ancestors can survive this and be reborn! I can't believe he actually did it!"

Faran was also flabbergasted, his mouth agape.

More than ten days later, the nine colored fire finally ran out with shimmers of gold appearing in the ashes. Some parts of Austin's body were shining, while some were dry and charred.

He shook the ashes off, and his parched body started to refresh. His entire body was emitting golden light as if it was recast by gold.

Dazzling divine chains of laws shot out from his body like numerous sacred arrows shooting through the air.

At one glance, Austin looked extraordinarily majestic and ultimately divine!

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