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   Chapter 2498 The Cocoon

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Within the next three hundred years, Austin began to comprehend the law powers.

For three hundred years, Austin sat still, like an old monk sitting in meditation.

Austin stressed and comprehended the Interpretation of Laws and made notes on world law again and again.

The more he read, the more he appreciated its value.

The Interpretation of Laws painted a clear picture of the truth of this world for him.

Austin learnt something new every time he read it.

Furthermore, the Interpretation of Laws did not contain the context about any specific law.

For example, the rules of five elements, which included metal, wood, water, fire and earth; additionally, wind, snow, thunder, rain, frost in the world, etc., which were all part of the natural laws; furthermore, the dark law; the light law; the ogre technique; and the swordsmanship...

Basically, there were many specific laws of nature in the whole world.

The Interpretation of Laws was so much more profound. It was mainly about the principle of the greatest truths and the original energy essence of the world.

Austin was in a state of meditation.

As time went by, all sorts of abnormal visions appeared around his body.

Sometimes, he appeared to be in boundless jungles, vast fire lands, immense ocean, world of countless swords and spears, and endless mountains.

This was the reflection of the rules of the five elements.

Sometimes, there were visions of rain, snow, wind, frost, hail, thunder and lightning.

This was the reflection of the natural law power.

Sometimes there were blade light, sword shadows, spears and so on.

It was the reflection of all kinds of military laws in the world.

With reference to the Interpretation of Laws, Austin tried to master all kinds of original energy essence in the world.

If Austin's deep comprehension of the law powers was seen by the masters at the Immortal Saint Realm outside, they would definitely be taken aback.

Even the cultivators at the Immortal Saint Realm couldn't practice law power to this level.

To generally find the origin of all the laws in the world was a huge achievement, as opposed to only practicing any specific law power first and then moving on to other laws.

The origin of all the laws was something that only cultivators at the level of a sect ancestor could reach!

Austin, who was merely at the Immortal King Realm, was studying this. If anyone knew it, they would definitely think that Austin was biting more than he could chew.

However, Austin had studied it diligently and learnt many things.

Three hundred years later, one day, Austin suddenly had an epiphany.

"Actually, the process of life is also a kind of

is extraordinary!

I was almost mistaken.

I had never thought that this brat was able to comprehend the law power to this level. He is truly a freak!

In such a backward and weak universe, how could they have hidden such a great talent?

I cannot believe that I have lived to see this in my life time."

Corey was also shocked.

"Oh, my God! He is really a freak! There is no doubt that he is the most gifted young genius in our universe!"

said Faran.

"However, it will not be that easy to be reborn and break through a cocoon.

It is difficult to make a cocoon and, as a result, more difficult to break the cocoon!

If you want to break out of the cocoon, you have to accept the questioning and torture from both the heaven and the earth.

If he can't stand the rigorous process anymore, he will perish.

His body and his spiritual soul will melt and become a part of the law in the world."

Suddenly, Corey heaved a disappointed sigh.

"That's right. I wonder how he is going to do it.

It is more difficult to break out of the cocoon than making one.

I am really curious to see if he can make it through. I am rooting for him since he has worked hard and come so far. I do hope that he makes it thorough."

Faran nodded in agreement.

The two of them rearranged the chessboard and started to play chess again.

However, despite playing their chess game, their mind was in the time chamber. Both of them paid most of their attention to Austin who was in the time chamber.

Meanwhile in a corner of the time chamber, the cocoon of law was still glowing and looking extremely dazzling.

More and more divine chain of law constantly came out of the void and added to the cocoon.

The size of the cocoon had increased by leaps and bounds that it was terrifying.

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