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   Chapter 2497 The Preliminary Stage Of Immortal King Realm

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"Boy, I don't think my request is too grand! An omnipotent internal core is enough."

The supreme holy tree chased after Austin closely.

"Talk about greedy,"

Austin groaned. He was starting to have a headache in this ordeal he was in.

However, Austin was the chief of the Immortal End World. Within its vicinity, he could easily travel hundreds of miles in an instant.

After a few moments of chasing back and forth, Austin successfully threw off the supreme holy tree.

He left the Immortal End World and he came to the Ancient Forbidden Land nearby.

While he was there, Austin felt eerie about the place.

He decided to tread through carefully, in case something went awry.

This time, Austin came in with three chaotic evil beasts.

Although the Ancient Forbidden Land looked seemingly peaceful and there seemed to be no danger lurking within its area, there were actually many terrifying creatures that were moving in stealth in this place.

Austin managed to sneak into the Ancient Forbidden Land by following the route he had taken the last time he was there.

Now that his strength had grown even stronger, Austin now had a very strong bodily movement skill and spiritual sense.

Once he found anything powerful, his first instinct was to avoid getting involved in any sort of unnecessary trouble.

As far as his methods went, Austin had been fine along the way.

A few days later, Austin found himself in a deep valley in the most remote place of the Ancient Forbidden Land.

Within the valley was a very secluded well.

At the bottom of its pit was an altar.

The last time he was there, Austin followed the omnipotent herb, Rosie, through this transmission altar to go to its world.

Naturally, teleportation through this altar was a skill not everyone was capable of.

Before he could do anything else, he needed to get in touch with the world of the omnipotent herb through the teleportation altar and get the permission.

The last time, the old omnipotent herb told him about the method of getting contact for the sake of the little infinity beast.

At the pit of the abandoned well, Austin headed to the teleportation altar and cast several spells on it

After a few minutes, a shadow appeared on the teleportation altar.

"Rosie, it's you!"

Austin was taken aback upon the sight of the omnipotent herb.

The silhouette from the teleportation altar was Rosie.

"Humph! You are a bad guy! What are you doing here?"

Rosie puffed her cheeks.

She still didn't like Austin for he had caught her before and wanted to refine her into pills.

"It's me, Rosie."

Austin released the little infinity beast.

"Fine, for the sake of this little cutie, I will let you in,"

Rosie conceded as she pouted.

She just adored this c

the Immortal Realm and the Immortal King Realm was extremely difficult to surpass.

Moreover, when the cultivator was at a higher level, breaking through would be much harder the next time around.

A cultivator at the Immortal King Realm could be heralded as a master in any worlds.

But breaking through to the Immortal King Realm was a very difficult task.

Lots of warriors in the world were stuck in between and could not break through further for the rest of their lives.

Time passed some more. After four hundred years, Austin could finally feel it. He began to feel the sign of breaking through.

Despite so, Austin was very patient and he ensured that he was not rushing into things.

The more solid his foundation was, the more advantageous it would be for his further development.

After another six hundred years, Austin finally made the breakthrough.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A corner of the secret room evolved into a world.

The sun and the sky was covered as numerous dark clouds came in.

A concentrated thunderbolt was coming at Austin, like a free-flowing waterfall.

Austin released the thunder unicorn to cope with the Thunderstroke Doom together.

This time, he met the eight colored Thunderstroke Doom.

It was very powerful.

For a span of six hours, Austin and the thunder unicorn fought against the thunder and lightning with all of their might. After it, the Thunderstroke Doom finally appeared.


Finally, I am at the preliminary stage of Immortal King Realm now,"

Austin murmured, feeling the powerful vital energy course through his body.

At this moment, there were eight huge golden light balls floating beside Austin. They were extremely brilliant with thousands of beams of golden light.

Right at this point, Austin had finally made it to the eighth level of his Golden Sun Scripture.

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