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   Chapter 2492 Capture Derek

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Powerful as the old demon was, he was yet unable to escape from the siege of so many monsters.


I told you there was no way you could escape."

Austin laughed and chased after Derek in a flash.

With the continuous growth and development of his strength, Austin's current body movement skill was undeniably fast––much like that of lightning.

Derek tried to use his demonic skills to flee, but Austin caught up with him in no time.

Although he was the grandson of Devil Ancestor Bale, Derek was still young and had not cultivated enough––he was only at the Fifth Evil Energy Realm.

His strength was equivalent to that of a human cultivator at the premium stage of Immortal Realm.

Moreover, he had been pampered so much in his life, so he had little experience in real and close combat.

Hence, he was ultimately no match for Austin.

The latter released the God-killing Puppet and the demonic avatar and together, they besieged Derek.

"Austin, I'll fight it out with you!"

Derek roared, annoyed and not minding how he was cornered and had no chance to escape.


The dark demonic energy flowed out of his body like burning magma.

A moment later, it condensed into a black armor on his body, covering him like protection.


Two halberds materialized in Derek's hands. They shot out like lightning before turning into two black dragons and rushing at Austin.

"Damn it! It's this armor again!"

Austin frowned slightly, staring at the black armor on Derek's body.

This armor was refined personally by Devil Ancestor Bale himself, so it had a terrifying defensive power.


Austin swung his fist, and its violent impact billowed into the air.

With a loud bang, the two black dragons were immediately blown away.

Derek was shocked to learn that Austin's fighting capacity was more terrifying than he had imagined.

Meanwhile, the latter didn't want to waste time anymore. So, he summoned the God-killing Puppet and demonic avatar at the same time.

Instantly, their raging energy engulfed Derek like a roaring sea.


Like being struck by a bolt of powerful lightning, Derek was thrown backwards.

However, all the energy that attacked Derek was absorbed by the dark evil armor––much to Austin's surprise.

What was more shocking was that even the World Sealing Tabooed Magic of the demonic avatar couldn't seal Derek.

That pitch-blac

erek as if it was catching a mere chick.

"Who did this?

I am the greatest Devil Ancestor Bale! How dare you lay a finger on my grandchild?"

Suddenly, a black light rushed out from Derek's body and transformed into a demon, roaring fiercely.

This was a wisp of the spiritual soul mark of the Devil Ancestor Bale, attached to Derek Luo's Soul Sea.

"What the hell are you talking about? Devil Ancestor Bale? Go to hell!"

The big hand immediately clenched.


With just a sound, the spiritual soul mark of Devil Ancestor Bale exploded and turned into nothing.


The white-haired old man soon appeared in the sky and landed beside Austin.

He then took Derek in his hand as he was carrying a sack of rice.

At this time, Derek had already fainted and was motionless.

The white-haired old man untied the armor from Derek's body. He then threw Derek and his armor to Austin.

"The armor had the spiritual soul mark left by that old devil. But, don't worry. I've erased it.

You can refine this armor,"

informed the white-haired old man.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Austin was overjoyed and as he effortlessly caught both Derek and the armor.

If the white-haired old man hadn't intervened in this fight, Austin would not have the chance to possess the armor at all.

Yet on second thought, Austin realized it was because Devil Ancestor Bale was a man of dominating and imperious power.

How could the magic weapon made by himself be an ordinary thing?

After such realization, Austin sent Derek into the Slave Tower while he stored the armor in his Space Ring.

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