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   Chapter 2490 The Avatars Of Five Grand Leaders

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Updated: 2020-03-24 00:12

At this time, in another area of the Ancient Celestial World, there were a lot of evil creatures looking for something.

Derek was among them.

An old evil creature walked besides Derek.

In addition, there were five tall and ferocious evil creatures that surrounded Derek as if protecting him from an external intruder, which stood out among the crowd.

The five tall evil creatures were the avatars of the five grand leaders!

The grand leader was second in command to Devil Ancestor Bale in the Third Demonic World.

Each grand leader was in charge of a vast territory of billions of miles wide. They had a lot of men under their command and had great power.

However, even grand leaders needed to bow down to Derek.

After all, Derek was the grandson of Devil Ancestor Bale.

Devil Ancestor Bale was the true ruler of the Third Demonic World.

"We have searched far and wide and covered every corner of the Ancient Celestial World.

There is no trace of Austin.

Do you think, it could be possible that Austin has already fled to the Immortal End World?"

one of the grand leaders asked exasperated, wrapped in flames.

"In my opinion, Austin must still be in the North Dragon Badlands. The is no way he could have escaped that godforsaken land.

We should go back to the North Dragon Badlands and look for him,"

said another grand leader with a long tail and horns.

"All right. Let's head for the North Dragon Badlands. My youngest son is still in Austin's hands. I must find him and tear him to pieces,"

a grand leader in a black cloak said through gritted teeth.

"Humph, many of our descendants were imprisoned by Austin. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come this far to this world to look for that useless brat,"

a grand leader with wings on his back said.

It turned out that each of the five grand leaders had a family member captured by Austin.

Austin's five captives were the grand leaders' favorite children. They had placed great expectations on them and invested a lot of time, energy and valuables on them.

That was why the five grand leaders had sent their avatars to the Ancient Celestial World.

"Okay, let's go back to the North Dragon Badlands.

Truth is, I also have a feeling that Austin is hiding in the North Dragon Badlands,"

Derek said to the avatars of the five grand leaders.

Right then, a grey kind of mist rolled towards them from the dist

se monsters? What did you do to them? Why would they listen to you and follow your orders?"

Derek flew into a rage at the sight of Austin.

But he couldn't help but feel frightened when he saw the large sea of beasts slowly trudging behind Austin.

"What nonsense are you spewing now? Why would I hide from you evil clowns? Don't flatter yourselves. You are not that important in the scheme of things."

Austin snapped, laughing wildly.

"Austin, how dare you capture our elite brave young men?

Hand them over immediately, or you will wish you were never born," the grand leader who was wrapped in flames shouted as he took a step forward.

He was the most fast-tempered one among the five grand leaders.

'Are these five evil creature really grand leaders?

No wonder they have been releasing such an immense evil energy, '

Austin thought in surprise, as he looked at the grand leaders' avatars.

As a matter of fact, he had noticed them the second he arrived there, but he pretended so as not to make them feel too important.

The grand leaders were highly respected in the Third Demonic World, They also possessed a formidable power and everyone was scared of them.

'Looks like they are just five avatars. However they are still formidable opponents. I can't take them lightly.

Now, let's see if my eight giant beasts can be a match against the five grand leaders' avatars.

If they can't defeat them, I will have to turn to the supreme grandmaster of the hybrid titan race for help, '

Austin resolved after using his spiritual sense to check the five grand leaders' strength.

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