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   Chapter 2488 Breaking The Array

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It had to be said that the middle-aged man in a golden robe was really a formidable opponent. Although he was only a spiritual soul mark left by the real master, he broke into Austin's Soul Sea in an instant without much resistance.

"You have a spiritual tree in here!

Human boy, I can't believe you actually possess a spiritual tree!"

The middle-aged man was astonished at the sight of the spiritual tree.

"Ha-ha! My luck has just improved. This is just great.

I can use this to my advantage and absorb this spiritual tree. That means instead of being a mere spiritual soul mark, I can finally be transformed into a complete spiritual avatar.

One day in the future if I ever integrate with my original body, my strength will increase a lot.

Or maybe there is a possibility that I can step into that legendary state of eternity!"

The middle-aged man contemplated his options and laughed out wildly, thinking of all the possibilities the spiritual tree could afford him.

"Human boy, I'm sorry. But I have to take this spiritual tree away from you,"

the middle aged man in a golden robe said before rushed towards the spiritual tree quickly.

Austin was startled.


Inside Austin's Soul Sea, an explosion resounded as an enormous amount of spiritual sense blasted the golden-robed man.

The spiritual sense in the Soul Sea was in a state of absolute riot.

Surging waves that looked like a dragon pounced on the man in a golden robe.

Soon a second explosion resounded as the Supreme Spiritual Pot joined the fierce battle.

It came roaring and smashing at the man in a golden robe.

Green leaves started falling off the spiritual tree.

The leaves flew towards the man in a golden robe, cutting him in the process.

The battle was really fierce.

'How come a human brat at the Immortal Realm can possess such a powerful spiritual sense?'

The golden-robed man raised his eyebrows in wonder.

Under the joint attack of Austin's spiritual sense, the Supreme Spiritual Pot and the spiritual tree, he couldn't seem to catch a break. There was no way he was going to gain an upper hand against their combined attack.

Moments later, he gradually began to lose the fight and was forced to step back.

Two hours had passed.

All of a sudden, dozens of roots from the spiritual tree flew forward and bound the man. The tree began to absorb the man although it took a while for the whole process to end.

Austin immediately felt that his spiritual sense had enhanced a lot.

"I can't believe it... For a while there I really thought the spiritual tree was in danger, but now it seems it was to its advantage." Austin was both surprised and pleased by the

short time unexpectedly.

That explained why Austin got carried away in excitement.

Each of the eight giant beasts could easily defeat the grand masters at the premium stage of Immortal King Realm.

Austin estimated that the strength of the eight giant beasts would be close to the grand leader of the Evil Abyss World!

Approximately twenty monsters could be at par with a master at the Immortal King Realm.

As for the strength of the rest of the monsters, some were equal to the Immortal Realm, some the Immortal Transforming Realm, while others were equal to the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

More importantly, the sheer number of them was astonishing They could comfortably overflow if placed in an arena!

There were more than one hundred thousand of them.

It was not hard to imagine how powerful the eight huge beasts and more than one hundred thousand monsters could be and how much damage they could do!

"The Eight Trigrams Stela Array is finally broken,"

Austin murmured, as he looked at the eight stelas.

The stelas were still there, but there was no array to activate them and make them powerful.

"Well, these stelas are very good.

I bet they are made of very precious materials. I should put them away. Perhaps they will be useful later."

Austin waved his hand and formed a huge palm made of vital energy that grabbed the eight stelas.

Since the stelas had lost their powers, they kept shrinking due to Austin's vital energy until they were down to the size of the tree.

Austin then put them in his Space Ring.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The endless grey fog continued to disperse into the sky.

After a while, the gray fog covering the entire North Dragon Badlands had dissipated.

Everything was finally back to normal in the North Dragon Badlands.

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