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   Chapter 2486 Getting The Power Of The Dragon And The Elephant

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The white-haired old man clearly had terrifying power.

Austin had been caught by his sleeve and it was as powerful as the tabooed magic; he couldn't move at all.

After locking him, the old man took Austin to an open ground outside the temple.

The man merely stomped on the floor; hard!


Smoke and dust began to fly around due to the intense impact and numerous massive stone pillars rose from the ground in front of them.

They was engraved with various kinds of vivid patterns.

On closer inspection, Austin saw that the drawings were of various violent beasts. Besides the dragon and the elephant, they included the wolf, the hawk, the roc, the turtle, the bear, the snake, and the peacock among others.

The interesting thing was that the beast on each pillar seemed lifelike and was releasing a powerful aura.

Eighty one pillars had appeared in total, and above each of them were shadows of giants, dragons, and elephants.

A solemn atmosphere filled the place.

The white-haired elder waved his sleeve and it pushed Austin deep into the middle of the eighty-one stone pillars. He fell down.

Before he could understand what was going on, a formidable force suddenly hit him hard and made him sit down cross-legged. He could neither move nor speak.

"Hello, sir!

What on earth are you doing with me? At least tell me if this is dangerous. I should have a say in it and be able to decide if it is right for me!"

Austin called out to the white-haired elder through his spiritual sense.

But the old man did not respond.

"Hey, old man. Just tell me! What are you going to do with me..."

Austin got anxious and yelled hard with his spiritual sense force.

"Boy, don't worry. Everything is going to be okay.

Even if some danger does come your way, I will be here keeping an eye on you..."

the white haired old man responded calmly.

"Screw you, old man!"

Austin was pissed now.

"Go and find me all kinds of magic blood for our clan!"

the white-haired elder shouted.

The five old men were stunned for a moment. But then, they moved and rushed away as fast as lightning.

Austin would have expected some delay but in just an instant, they came back with a number of jars in each of their hands.

Each jar was emitting a dazzling light, and the rancid smell of blood was coming out of them.

"Sir, these jars of blood are priceless. They have been kept safe inside the clan for a long time now.

Our collection incl

his skin.

He looked like an invincible demon now.

Needless to say, his physical strength had increased impressively.

"And try your vital energy too,"

the white-haired elder told him with a smile.

Austin immediately activated his vital energy.

He could feel that he was about to make a breakthrough!

"The power of the dragon and the elephant is not only helpful to your body, but has also improved the quality of your vital energy.

You should concentrate on breaking into a higher vital energy realm now.

After you consolidate your new realm, I will tell you how to break that array,"

the white-haired old man told him.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Austin said.

'I will surely be much more powerful now.'

He suddenly felt grateful to the old man, and also embarrassed for being so angry with him.

The white-haired elder laughed out loud.

"I'm relieved that you don't blame me for almost getting you killed."

After that, he waved his sleeve and vanished into thin air.

He was an extremely powerful master and Austin was unable to see through his cultivation base.

Austin then concentrated on his cultivation and began trying to make a breakthrough.

Two months later, he successfully got through the Thunderstroke Doom, and reached the premium stage of Immortal Realm.

After that, he began to consolidate the realm he had reached.

Twenty days later, he felt that his cultivation base had been solidified.

The white-haired elder and other five old men then came to Austin on their own.

"Young man, let's get started," the white-haired elder said to Austin.


Austin stood up.

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