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   Chapter 2484 Stepping Into The Small World

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The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor seemed to have some terrible magic power. As soon as it appeared, light in the surrounding space began to be distorted, deformed and devoured into the eye.

All of a sudden, the whole space turned dark.

Austin's third eye between his eyebrows, on the other hand, was getting brighter and brighter.

It was filled with viciousness, gloom, coldness and an infinite terror.

"What the hell is this?"

Some distance away, the giant beast roared furiously when he noticed Austin's strange vertical eye. He was almost frightened to death, and an ominous feeling rose through his heart.

Austin raised his eyes and glanced around. He could see tiny things in the distance clearly that earlier he had not noticed.

"This is so awesome! It seems that the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor can dissect and analyze any space so meticulously that it doesn't miss a single spec.

Well, it seems that the more I integrate with the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, the more useful its functions become."

Austin was very satisfied with the performance of the vertical eye.

"I think I can see something that looks like what I may be looking for!

That is definitely the entrance to the small world."

Austin was pleasantly surprised as he stared into the distance.

Far in the distance, there were special spatial waves that kept appearing at a very specific location.

From time to time, there would be some very subtle space ripples at that position appearing in intervals, and a very obscure spatial teleportation power would be released.

Austin knew that with all the activities happening there, it must be the entrance to the small world.

To Austin's surprise, the entrance to the small world was constantly shifting in the space.

Besides, it kept moving so fast that it was impossible for the naked eye to keep up with it.

No wonder the entrance to the small world was so difficult to find. Sensing something which was constantly moving at such a high speed would be a difficult task for any martial artist.

Austin's vertical eyes were fixed on the entrance to the small world which was moving quickly.

He used his bodily movement skill and rushed towards the constantly shifting entrance, while trying to estimate its next location.

By this time, the dragon and elephant had been knocked down and thrown back by the giant beast.

Now, the beast was running towards Austin at an inhumane speed.


Austin came to the entrance to the small world and made a dive for it.

The next moment, Austin vanished into thin air.


The beast's thick tail was right behind him and slapped towards Austin. The place


The elder was Davy.

"All right."

Austin nodded.

The five elders led Austin through the primitive forest.

Giant trees which were thousands of meters in height stood tall, and countless vines intertwined and wrapped themselves around the tree trunks. From time to time, there were large fierce beasts lurking in the far distance and watching them cautiously.

Austin sensed that the primitive forest had a very savage atmosphere and couldn't help but secretly marvel at it.

The five elders moved as fast as five warhorses galloping on a prairie. They crossed tens of thousands of meters easily and quickly.

However, Austin was also not slow either.

He followed them effortlessly but closely.

"It is good that you can keep up with us. Human boy, you can travel at the speed of light.

It comes as a big surprise to me that you can effortlessly keep up with us.

I guess that you can beat most of the young men in my village at this rate."

Davy couldn't help but praise Austin.

"Yes, he's really good."

The other four elders nodded in agreement.

Austin could see that the five strange elders really enjoyed his company. From time to time, they would turn around and stare at Austin up and down.

They seemed to have discovered some treasures on his body.

The stronger talents Austin displayed, the more likely he would be able to help them get out of their troubles.

'Do they have a special and unspeakable taste for young men?' Austin thought to himself, feeling really weird.

Along the way, he felt his heart beating fast whenever he sensed their bold glances on his body.

After having passed through the dense jungles, they stepped on solid ground. A flatland was unfolded before Austin's eyes.

A village appeared not too far away.

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