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   Chapter 2483 The Ancient Trapping Array

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The dragon and the elephant both pounced on the gigantic monster relentlessly. The three fought fiercely without seeming to have an end to the show of might since all three animals all had an equal amount of strength.

'What's happening right now?'

Austin was confused about the scene taking place right in front of his eyes.

'Why did the two animals suddenly come to my rescue?'

"Damn it! You stupid barbarians, I will finish all of you!" the giant monster roared.

The giant monster produced an angry roar that shook the whole place and annihilated anything that came on his way.

Although he had terrifying power, the huge dragon and the giant elephant were also equally incredibly powerful so they were not affected by the terrifying and lethal sounds that the giant monster kept unleashing from time to time when angry.

Since the three of them were engaged in a fierce fight, they kept producing powerful energy waves that caused most area of the space around them to collapse. Their energy was so powerful that Austin was forced to retreat to avoid getting hit by the impact.


The other monsters roared as they pounced on Austin again and again.

Austin, the God-killing Puppet and his demonic avatar kept fighting the beasts that just kept rejuvenating and coming again.

'Good thing is, a giant dragon and a huge elephant showed up and now they have our backs. Otherwise, there is no way I could have survived this mayhem. I am sure I would have died today, '

Austin contemplated.

"How are you doing so far, human boy?"

All of a sudden, a voice resounded in Austin's Soul Sea.

'What was that? Who is talking to me in this desolate place?'

Austin was baffled and frantically looked around trying to find whoever was talking but found no trace of any living creatures.

He released his spiritual sense to feel his surroundings, but had no discovery.

"Boy, you can't perceive me.

Don't be scared. Although you can't see me, please listen to me first."

The voice sounded a little old. It seemed that it belonged to an elder.

"Please go ahead, sir."

Austin nodded in agreement.

'It seems that this person has no evil intentions, otherwise if he can communicate with me without me knowing where or who he is, he could have attacked me just as easily, ' he thought.

"Boy, you are trapped in an ancient powerful array.

It's therefore impossible for you to get out of here with your own strength.

I know how brilliant the ancient trapping array is because my clan members and I have been trapped here for quite a long time.

Boy, if you want to get out of here, you have to cooperate with me and my people so that we can guide you out,"

the old voice said.

"You and your people have been trapped here for exactly how long?" Austin asked.

The more he heard the old voice talk, the more Austin's heart grew heavier.

'If that's the case, it means it would be extremely difficult for me to get out of here on my own, ' he thought with a frown.

"Yeah, we have been stuck in here for so long we have lost

otected by the array.

"Little infinity beast, come out and give it a try. Perhaps you can help me out."

Austin released the little infinity beast and asked it to help him look for the entrance.

Austin was good at spatial power, while the little infinity beast was remarkable at time power. They worked together to search for the entrance hoping that their powers would complement each other.

However, they didn't find any sign of the entrance.

Two hours almost passed.

Austin was shocked to find that the huge monster was not even showing signs of fatigue. Instead, he fought more and more bravely, forcing the huge dragon and the giant elephant to step back.

'It looks like that the monster is going to win just like the old voice said, ' Austin thought.

'Damn it! Am I really going to die here? I don't think so. I refuse to accept this as my fate.'

Austin didn't want to die.

Suddenly, something occurred to him.

"Wait, perhaps I can give it a shot.

I can use the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor!"

Austin murmured.

The Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor had the ability to see through anything in the world. Nothing could escape from it.

Austin had obtained the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor from the East Mainland in the Divine Continent.

After using it several times, he found that its power was quite terrifying.

However, he only used it countable times.

Austin traveled around the universe and had many amazing adventures. During that period, he collected more and more powerful trump cards. Since he got many choices, he would not always use one magic treasure for too long.

On top of it, the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor had been transplanted to the middle of Austin's eyebrows by force. It would take him time to thoroughly integrate with the eye.

As a result, Austin didn't use the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor very often.

Since he was out of choices at this moment, he thought he could put it to use.

With his mind, a golden lightning flashed between his eyebrows and a vertical eye emerged slowly.

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