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   Chapter 2481 The Terrible Monster (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5777

Updated: 2020-03-23 03:27


Austin and the warship under his feet were thrown backwards at the same time hitting the ground thousands of miles away and making two huge pits on the ground.


Austin and the warship dashed out of the two pits they found themselves in. It was a very awkward condition.

Luckily, both Austin and the warship were not hurt much.

'Unlike other killing machines, this monster seems to be very intelligent. His strength is equivalent to a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World. I'm no match for him now so I need an escape plan immediately.'

Austin sensed the giant monster from thousands of miles away and had a strong sense of uneasiness. This giant monster was just too threatening for him to handle.

In his imagination, although he had heard about how terrifying the North Dragon Badlands could be, it had never occurred to Austin that there would be such a frightening monster in the North Dragon Badlands.


The giant monster, which was thousands of miles away, moved using his bodily movement skill and chased after Austin relentlessly. It seemed that he wasn't going to stop until he killed Austin.

Without any hesitation, Austin manipulated the warship and turned away running without a break.

Moreover, he could only flee towards the core area of the North Dragon Badlands so his escape route was really limited.

The giant beast was also forcing his way right behind Austin, at horribly high speed from behind.

"Argh... That really hurts!"

On the other side of the North Dragon Badlands, Derek and the two old demons were also surrounded by numerous monsters, which wanted to kill them.

A few moments later, an extremely large and powerful monster appeared. With a

than to stay in a place that was not safe anymore.

Of course, there were also some who dared to stay behind and out of curiosity. They wanted to see what was going on.

Right at the same moment, in the core area of the North Dragon Badlands, there was a very mysterious place.

In this place, there was a very ancient village.

The houses in the ancient village were made of stone.

The stone houses in the old village were built in a simple and rough style, which was close to nature.

At that moment, hundreds of villagers were busy with their daily work as usual.

A large group of children ran like cheetahs in the village, laughing and chasing after each other.

They were enjoying their time while playing with each other.

It looked like a very ordinary village in the mountains.

Suddenly, a wooden door made of firewood was pushed open from a stone house in the village.

An old man rushed out as if he had propelled out of the door.

The old man pricked up his ears to listen keenly to something.

"Something seems to be happening in the North Dragon Badlands..."

the old man muttered while listening carefully.

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