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   Chapter 2480 The Terrible Monster (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6171

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Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to check out the surrounding area at once. Soon he realized that the entire North Dragon Badlands had become a sea of gray fog within a very short time.

At the edge of the North Dragon Badlands, streaks of thick energy columns rose and quickly intertwined with each other in the air continuously to produce powerful energy.

The laws in the entire North Dragon Badlands were also rapidly changing.

'Wait! The energy columns! I knew this! A complicated and powerful array in this place!

I can't believe there is actually a huge array formation that is covering the whole North Dragon Badlands.

And now the array has somehow just been activated. It means I might soon get trapped in this place if I didn't move now.'

Austin was amazed.

'I'd better leave here as soon as possible before things get more difficult!'

Austin immediately controlled the warship and rushed out of the North Dragon Badlands at the highest speed the warships could master.

"Mr. Derek, I have bad news. Things don't look good. We seem to have been trapped in a huge, powerful and complicated array.

We have to leave immediately. Otherwise we will be in great danger!"

In another place inside the North Dragon Badlands, the two old demons also realized that something was wrong. They shouted loudly to alert each other of the impending doom.

The two old demons along with Derek all rushed out of the North Dragon Badlands crazily.

However, right at that moment...

Roar! Roar! Howls of anger reverberated through the North Dragon Badlands.

A bizarre roar pierced through the air of the overwhelming grey fog. It was so harsh that the voice alone seemed violent enough to tear the void apart.

Within a short while, many strange-looking monsters started appearing and constantly moved around in the

ter how hard he tried.

The monsters seemed to have no intelligence, and their only instinct was to kill wildly.

Half an hour later, Austin was still controlling the warship while trying to rush out.

He was moving forward, albeit very slowly because there were too many monsters.

Growl! Growl!

Suddenly, a very loud roar came from the mist in front of Austin. The violent sound wave was so strong that it changed the color of heaven and earth.

An extremely formidable power flooded the whole battle arena.

Then, a gigantic monster, which was at least a hundred times bigger than the other monsters Austin had been fighting, came out of the gray fog. He stared at Austin coldly with scarlet eyes that were as big as two large lakes.

The gigantic monster looked exactly the same as the other monsters except for his huge body and height.

"The outsider must die!"

The giant monster could speak human language strangely enough. His cold pupils were full of killing intent.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

A terrible overbearing force formed visible ripples from his huge body and spread towards where Austin was standing.

Wherever the ripples went, space would be shaken to pieces and turned into dark chaos.

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