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   Chapter 2478 Distraction

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9359

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"A young man from the human race almost killed all our kind!"

The old evil creature called Moon Evil Lord reported while still agitated.

"What do you mean? How is that possible? How did this happen under your watch?

How could a young man from the human race kill so many of our kind?"

Derek's face turned pale with fear.

"Unfortunately, yes he just did.

While pursuing him, I realized that the brat is good at spatial power. He can continuously activate the Space Teleportation.

Moreover, he is also a remarkable cultivator and has mastered the use of law power.

I couldn't catch up with him or stop him from murdering our people, despite using my bodily movement skill,"

Moon Evil Lord replied dejectedly.

"Where did the human brat go after you chased after him for so many miles?

I am ordering you to find him right now and avenge our brave young men with immediate effect,"

Derek roared.

Just then, A cold voice faintly sneered. "Don't bother looking for me far and wide.

I'm here right under your nose. The three of you are not strong enough to scare me away."

A young man slowly appeared out of the chaotic void and looked at the three evil creatures playfully.

It was none other than Austin.

Derek was Devil Ancestor Bale's grandson.

There was no way Austin would let him go.

Although he was protected by two old evil creatures of the Eighth Evil Energy Realm, Austin was not wavered by their show of might.

Austin had two top warships of the Tang Clan from the Tycoon World.

The two warships were reputed to be quite powerful and could confront masters at the premium stage of Immortal King Realm.

Therefore, Austin wanted to test and see if he could defeat the two old evil creatures at the Eighth Evil Energy Realm with the help of the two warships.

"What's going on with this brat? Why is he feeling so brave?"

Derek and the two old evil creatures gaped at Austin.

In the next second, Moon Evil Lord got over his shock and he was so upset.

"You bloody brat!

You have finally decided to show your face,"

Moon Evil Lord yelped while frowning at Austin.

He had been running after Austin for the whole day but failed to catch up with him.

However, now to his surprise, Austin had appeared in front of him like this. He assumed that Austin was no longer going to flee and even if he had those thoughts, they were not going to let him leave.

For a moment, Moon Evil Lord almost wanted to cry with joy.

"Brat, you're so bold. You dared to lay a hand on our people from the Third Demonic World.

Who the hell do you think you are? Where do you come from?

Aren't you afraid that we would destroy you and wipe out your whole family after we find out who you are?"

Derek snapped at Austin.

"Ha-ha. Y

ing Austin with determination.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two warships sped up simultaneously and moved forward.

"Go after him! Don't let him run away!"

Derek shouted.

The two old evil creatures activated their bodily movement skills to catch up with Austin.

A few seconds later, the warships had moved hundreds of miles away.

Then Austin waved his hand to put away the two warships.

"Oh, no! He is going to travel through the Space Teleportation. Stop him!"

Moon Evil Lord roared with rage.

He and the other old evil creature took action at the same time. They unleashed the evil law that went directly for Austin.

Austin waved his hand and unleashed the divine law that was strong enough to ward off most of the evil law.

Then, he disappeared into the chaotic void.

"This can't be happening again.

He is so young, yet he has already mastered such a powerful law power!" the two old evil creatures shouted.

They were surprised and also pissed at the same time.

Seeing Austin escape again, Moon Evil Lord was more exasperated than his companion.

Several hundred miles away, Derek was still hopeful and hadn't moved.

"If I could take Austin back and hand him over to grandfather, that would be a great achievement!"

Derek talked to himself excitedly.

Just then, a mocking voice resounded.

"Oh, so you want to take me prisoner that badly?

Unfortunately, you will never have the chance to take me in, because you will soon be my prisoner."

Derek narrowed his eyes immediately in annoyance.

He turned to look at the direction where the voice came from.

A figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was none other than Austin.

Derek then realized that Austin set them up. He had lured the two old evil creatures to go after him, so that he could come back and take Derek away secretly as his prisoner.

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