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   Chapter 2477 Kill Them All

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"Humph! Just wait and see! Don't think I can't catch you!"

the old evil creature scoffed.

Then he started making a rather strange gesture with his hands.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Immediately after, ten avatars constantly rushed out of his demonic body.

The ten avatars were created by using magic and had the strength of forty to fifty percent of their original subjects body. This enabled them to be far away from the demon's real body but still move freely.

The ten avatars then turned into ten black lights and rushed in all directions.

They kept on teleporting and searching around as if they were looking for something specific.

Some of them quietly sneaked into their own troops and waited there.

Meanwhile at that time, Austin was moving around at the speed of lightning like a ghost and continued to hunt down the remaining evil creatures.

Austin acted very fast. After a moment, almost seventy to eighty percent of the evil creatures had been eliminated by Austin.

More and more young noble evil creatures fell into Austin's hands.

"It seems that you are also a descendant of the grand leader."

Austin suddenly appeared in front of a group of evil creatures. He looked at a young noble evil creature and sneered.


Austin stretched out his right hand with lightning speed and in the blink of an eye tried to catch the young evil creature.

The young evil creature was so terrified. He froze and couldn't move away from Austin's sudden attack.

"You are definitely crazy! Don't be so arrogant!"

Suddenly, an old evil creature emerged from the crowd and stretched out a huge palm to block Austin.


When their palms collided, violent shock waves of energy swept in all directions, creating chaos like a tsunami.

"This is interesting. It is just an avatar that has blocked my attack."

Austin looked at his attacker and immediately understood.

The avatar had been hiding among the evil creatures secretly. Austin didn't notice until the avatar made a move.

"It's the Moon Evil Lord!

This human brat wants to attack me. Kill him for me!"

Overjoyed, the young noble evil creature who was the grandson of a grand leader scrambled to hide behind him.

"Hey, human boy, it turns out that you are the one who sneakily attacked the troops from our world!"

the old evil creature glared at Austin sternly.

"Yes, I did, so what are

erwhelming evil law and tried to block the area around Austin.

He wanted to block the space and stop Austin from passing through it.

"Well, you know what? You can't stop me from passing through space."

Austin smiled faintly and waved his hand in retaliation. The he unleashed a surging divine law that spread in the sky, confronting the evil law that had rushed over.

Then, Austin passed through the chaotic void and disappeared once more.

"How could it be possible? He just resisted my counter attack!

This brat can actually resist my evil law!"

The old evil creature was both shocked and angry.

Then, Austin continued to travel and cross through space killing the remaining evil creatures.

The old evil creature did not give up and chased after Austin crazily everywhere he went with his bodily movement skill.

However, it was very difficult to deal with a cultivator who could travel through space.

The old evil creature was always a step slower, and he could only helplessly watch Austin kill the evil creatures one after another and capture the young noble evil creatures.

He had never been so furious in his life.


Lad, I will tear you into tiny little pieces the minute I catch you!"

The angry roar of the old devil could be heard thousands of miles away.

A moment later, Austin finally wiped out all the evil creatures in this area!

All except for the three.

Derek and two old devils!

From a far, Derek and the other old evil creatures at the Eighth Evil Energy Realm also arrived.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Derek asked.

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