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   Chapter 2476 The Mysterious Master

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Austin threw out a powerful punch, with a momentum that could break the sky.


The evil creature he was fighting let out a defiant roar. He rushed toward Austin murderously.


In the blink of an eye, the evil creature's arm exploded. A few seconds later, his body burst as well into a cloud of blood.

The evil creature at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm was as powerful as a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Immortal King Realm.

And yet, Austin killed him with a single punch.

Caroline's beautiful eyes were full of admiration, as she watched the battle from the sidelines.

"This is what my man has achieved..."

She couldn't help but sigh dreamily.

She recalled when she first met Austin in the Prime Martial World.

At that time, she was much more powerful than Austin.

But now, Austin was miles ahead of her, in terms of strength.

At this moment, the demonic avatar appeared and efficiently absorbed the flesh essence of the evil creature with the Diabolic Killing Needle.


In the distance, an evil cloud was moving towards where Austin stood.

They could sense that it was a powerful evil creature at the Seventh Evil Energy Realm.

This time, the Third Demonic World had sent five evil creatures at the Seventh Evil Energy Realm. They also sent eight creatures at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm, and two at the Eighth Evil Energy Realm.

There were fifteen masters in total.

It was indeed a powerful group of evil creatures.

That was mainly because a lot of noble young evil creatures had come to the Ancient Celestial World for trials.

In particular, five of them were descendants of grand leaders.

One of them was even the grandson of Devil Ancestor Bale, namely Derek.

The fifteen evil masters were ordered to protect these young evil creatures.


Austin raised his head and looked at the dark devil cloud that was coming at a high speed. A sneer appeared on his face.

Then, he stepped into the void next to him with Caroline and disappeared.

"What? I thought I heard some noise."

An evil creature had arrived where Austin stood previously. He had a puzzled expression on its face, as he looked around the area.


Two tall figures suddenly appeared next to the evil creature, murderous intent emanated heavily from the two.

They were the God-killing Puppet and the demonic avatar.


A fierce battle broke out.

However, in less than three moves, the evil creature who was at the Seventh Evil Energy Realm was killed. His body was also mercilessly absorbed by the Diabolic Kill

you can't defeat him, you can always run,"

Caroline warned Austin.

Austin nodded and teleported her into the Slave Tower.

Then, Austin used the Space Teleportation and vanished.


Just as Austin disappeared, the old evil creature appeared. He stared at the direction where Austin disappeared, a puzzled expression on his face.

"There is the scent of human here, and he killed a master of the Demonic World.

How did he disappear so quickly?

Am I hallucinating?"

It seemed that the old evil creature's perception was very keen.

He could sense traces of Austin when others could see or feel nothing at all.

At this moment, dozens of miles away, Austin came out of the chaotic void and joined the demonic avatar. Then, they killed hundreds of evil creatures in a flash.

Even better, they caught another young noble evil creature.

"Over there!"

The old evil creature immediately sensed the slaughter and moved forward in a flash.

However, when he arrived, Austin had entered the chaotic void again. There was no sign of him anywhere.

"Show me!"

This evil creature waved his hand. Then, endless dark magic came out of his body and condensed a transparent screen in front of him.

An active video was playing on the transparent screen.

It showed a dark iron bar, which was as thick as a mountain. It suddenly fell from the sky and smashed hundreds of evil creatures to pieces.

After this, the screen disappeared.

No traces of Austin and the demonic avatar were found.

This was because Austin used the Aura Disguising Skill to cover up his and the demonic avatar's traces.

"Sure enough, there is a mysterious master who is killing our people!"

the old evil creature remarked.

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