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   Chapter 2474 I’m Here

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There had been a brief moment of panic when the warship was drained of power, but after hearing Caroline and Elder Cliff's words, all the people on the warship gradually calmed down.

All these people were elites from big and influential sects in the Immortal End World, and they were both capable and proud.

"That's right.

Since things have come to this, let's go and fight with those demons. The only way they'll lay a finger on our bodies is if we're dead!"

"Those bastards are our mortal enemies. We're not scared of them. And there's no way we'll beg for mercy.

Let's try our best and die fighting against them!"

"Yes! Even if we die, we won't disgrace our families and our sects. They will be proud of us!"

A resolute expression settled upon most of their faces.

At this time, Elder Cliff, who had been silent so far, finally spoke up.

"All right, everyone, listen to my plan!"

They all stopped talking and turned to him.

"Now, I only have a few crystals left.

I'm going to put all these crystals into the warship and try to open a path for us so that we can all get out of here.

But here's the catch: these crystals will only power the warship for a few moments. After that, it will stop running.

Everyone should leave the warship as soon as possible and escape with your own strength.

I have already sent a distress signal to the Immortal End World via this warship's information system before.

I believe that Elder Kevin would have ordered people to come and rescue us if he received the signal.

Remember, reserve your strength. Escape from here if you can. Do not fight with those demons if it's not necessary.

Do you understand?"

said Elder Cliff, slowly glancing at everyone.

As the person in charge of this trial, he had the responsibility to protect all of them.

"Got it!"

they answered, nodding with a serious and decisive look on their faces.

Everyone knew that the time for a fierce battle was almost here.

Outside the warship...

"We've finally besieged those fools from the Immortal End World!"

"Everyone, get ready. Let's go hunt those lowly creatures hiding in the ship!"


Let's see who can kill most of those filthy bastards."

"Ha, as if there's any doubt th

from me.

All of you will be hunted down by my brave warriors.

They always enjoy the killing game... and so do I,"

the demon sneered.

If he wanted to, he could kill all these people in an instant.

However, he intended to let some young demon nobles to have some fun.

"Damn it! They've gotten us," Elder Cliff said miserably.

Everyone in the warship seemed to sink into despair.

This demon was too powerful for them to go up against. They couldn't even lift a finger.

"Austin, I'll see you in heaven,"

Caroline said sadly, bitterly thinking that she would never see Austin again.

At that moment, he was the only thing on her mind.

Tears fell from her beautiful eyes as she thought of how she and Austin would be separated forever.

"Silly girl, there is nothing to be afraid of.

I'm here."

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

A man came to her and wiped her tears with a warm hand.


Caroline couldn't help covering her mouth with her hand. Her beautiful eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at the familiar figure in front of her.

It was Austin, of course.

Although he had been hundreds of miles away, he had teleported through space to save his girl.

Since he had used his extremely brilliant bodily movement skill, no one on the spot could be alert or smart enough to detect his sudden appearance.

In fact, most of them hadn't even realized his unexpected appearance until he softly spoke to Caroline and wiped the tears off her face.

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