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   Chapter 2473 Discovered

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After chasing them for several days, we're finally catching up on these bastards from the Immortal End World!"

"Come on, block them from the other direction. This is going to be fun!"

"It's in the mountain ahead. I saw the warship head towards that direction!"

Numerous huge white skulls and teams of evil creatures rushed into the vast mountain range.

There were a lot of young evil creatures in these teams.

These young evil creatures were dignified, lofty in their words and behavior.

Among them, there was a particular young evil creature who was the most prominent and eye-catching.

Anyone who saw him, even from a distance, could easily tell that this young evil creature had the highest social status of them all.

There were two horrible old evil creatures standing beside this young evil creature.

The two old evil creatures were powerful cultivators at the Eighth Evil Energy Realm!

Austin reckoned that the Eighth Evil Energy Realm was equivalent to that of the masters at the premium stage of Immortal King Realm.

The two evil creatures at the Eighth Evil Energy Realm followed closely behind the young evil creature.

The young evil creature wore a black armor with countless patterns engraved on it. An evil spirit was brewing in it.

He was young in appearance. He didn't have any scales and he had fair skin and a slender figure to match.

He had a pair of dreadful wings on his back and was as tall as a human being. He had two horns that emitted a metallic luster and his eyes were red as blood.


I'll personally slaughter some of the lower level creatures of the Immortal End World so that when I go back later, I can show my grandfather."

The young evil creature took his time as he led the two old evil creatures at the Eighth Evil energy Realm into the mountain.

"Ha-ha, with your strength, the weak creatures in the Immortal End World wouldn't be able to even defend themselves!"

one of the old evil creatures commented.

Although he was powerful en

the warship!"

"You're right. We only made it this far because we have the warship. Without it, we would be in danger."

"Is there any other way? "

By then, they were slightly panicking already.

For the past few days, they were being chased by a large number of evil creatures. If they didn't have the warship, they would have already been killed.

However, they were already running out of crystals which was what the warship ran on. They were at a loss.

"Don't worry.

There's nothing to be afraid of!

Worst case scenario is we end up going into battle with the evil creatures.

We can't bring shame to the Immortal End World!"

Suddenly, a girl's clear and pleasant voice rang out.

The crowd looked to the direction of the voice and saw that the voice had come from a graceful and beautiful woman.

The woman was elegant and dignified. One could tell that she was powerful enough to frighten people.

"It's her!

She's that man's girl! She really is something else, isn't she?"

Everyone recognized that the woman who had spoken up was Caroline. They all knew she was Austin's girlfriend.

"Well, you're right.

When we go out to battle, we'll be representing the Immortal End World.

Let's cheer up. We can't bring shame to the Immortal End World!"

Elder Cliff said proudly as he looked at Caroline with approval.

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