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   Chapter 2472 Monsters

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The warship headed deeper into the North Dragon Badlands.

On the way, Austin and Solow encountered many strange and powerful creatures.

Even a master of the Immortal King Realm could die fighting one of these creatures, so Austin tried to avoid them as much as possible.

Fortunately, the warship was fast enough to elude most of the creatures. In fact, even a master at the premium stage of Immortal King Realm might not be able to catch up with it.

"Warships from Tycoon World are indeed amazing.

Not only can they attack and defend, but they can also travel at a fast speed!"

Austin remarked, pleased with how their journey was going so far.

"Master, this warship is indeed very fast!"

Solow echoed in praise, standing next to Austin.

Suddenly, Austin noticed something.

'Is something going on?' he wondered as he looked ahead.

Several strange-looking monsters gradually came into view.

Standing at more than ten meters tall, they were like giants, but they weren't wearing any clothes and had muscular bronze skin.

They had the heads of crocodiles with two rows of sharp teeth in their mouths.

Each of them had a long tail with thick curved spines. When they waved their tails, the air around them exploded.

Glaring at the warship, they let out low unhappy growls.

Their eyes were filled with a thirst for blood, revealing their nature of violence and cruelty.

"We'd better avoid them. The most important thing is to save people. We can't waste time here," Austin said.

Then, he directed the warship to change its route, trying to get past those monsters.

Noticing the warship change its direction, the monsters roared furiously.

"Oh, shit! It looks like they're calling for backup!"

Austin was a little surprised.

In the blink of an eye, strong monsters appeared in every direction and dashed toward the warship.

These beasts were exceedingly fast. They ran and leaped in the air at lightning speed.

They looked ferocious, and stinky liquid oozed out of their

t, his voice echoed throughout the sky.

After a while, a great many monsters from different areas in the North Dragon Badlands were on their way to the giant monster.

Meanwhile, the warship was hundreds of thousands of miles away.

But even from here, Austin heard the monster's roar.

'It seems that there is a very powerful monster there. I guess I'll be no match for it. It's lucky that I left that place, '

Austin thought with a sigh of relief.

Then, he noticed something in front of him.

"There seems to be some discovery,"

he exclaimed, overjoyed.

A cloud of light rose above his warship and morphed into another warship, which was also from the Tang Clan of Tycoon World.

Austin had gotten three warships from the Tang Clan, one of which he was using for himself and he had given the rest two ships to Kevin.

Kevin had given one to the creatures that explored the Ancient Celestial World this time.

'It looks like I'm approaching them, ' Austin thought excitedly.

Then, he accelerated the speed of the warship.

A moment later, Austin heard shouting coming from ahead, so he released his spiritual sense to check what was going on.

He saw a large group of evil creatures that split up like a fan and headed toward the same direction.

'It seems like they are hunting down their prey, ' Austin thought.

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