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   Chapter 2471 Grand Leader Oakes

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The fiery red devil answered every question Austin asked.

He confirmed that devils from the Third Demonic World looked for cultivators from the Immortal End World. When they found their location, they rushed to hold them up.

Eventually, all the people from the Immortal End World escaped to a place called North Dragon Badlands.

As he shared this story, the fiery red devil took out a jade slip. Austin eyed it curiously, as it contained an intimidating magic power.

This jade slip could be used to send messages to other young noble devils.

However, only noble devils had access to these. Low-ranking devils were forbidden to own or carry this kind of jade slip.

Austin smiled in satisfaction, as he studied the jade slip. When he was satisfied, he put it away carefully.

It would make it much easier for him to locate other devil nobles.

Next, Austin knocked the fiery red devil unconscious with his palm. He also sealed his cultivation base off and transferred him to his Slave Tower.

"North Dragon Badlands.

Master, we are in trouble!"

Solow looked horrified with that tidbit of information.

"Really? What for?"

Austin looked at him in confusion. He was puzzled by the panic in Solo's voice, and even more by his horrified reaction.

"Master, it seems that you are not familiar with the Ancient Celestial World.

It is a world that has been abandoned ages ago. Generally speaking, it is not a dangerous place.

In fact, it is relatively harmless -- except for one place.

The North Dragon Badlands is an extremely perilous place.

Many unknown and horrible creatures lurk in that place.

It is dangerous, even for human masters of the Immortal King Realm. That's why there are not a lot who would venture there.

People from different races are united in avoiding the North Dragon Badlands unless it is necessary.

Master, your people are in great danger if they don't know the dangers that lurk there!"

he continued, greatly alarmed by the clueless look in Austin's eyes.

"I see!"

As Solow's words sunk in, he started getting worried.

It seemed that his ignorance had put his people in danger.

The leader of the human cultivators was an elder of the Immortal Realm. He was also the best cultivator among them.

Far from invincible, this old man had just broken through to the Immortal Realm. He was in charge of the training.

Austin's eyes closed in dismay, as he thought of every weakness of the cultivators of the Immortal End World.

The only t

re for millions of years, Austin guessed. He thought that everything was too old and primitive in that place.

The birds were flying in the sky all with bright feathers. Austin didn't know what species they were, but they were full of vitality and the scent of ancient times. Their eyes were brimming with fire and thunder.

Across from them was a peaceful view. A giant beast was drinking water beside a lake.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They grew tense from the loud thuds. They paused in surprise when they saw a giant elephant. It came out from the back of a ten-thousand-meter-high stone mountain. Its trampling caused the ground to tremble and shake to its core.

It raised its head and looked at the warship, which was dashing at full speed. When the gain elephant caught sight of it, it let out an aggressive roar and shot out a beam of light, which was capable of melting gold and breaking stones. It chased the warship, a threat to its territory.

"What a huge elephant! What should we do with this strange elephant, master?"

On the warship, Solow's eyes widened in fear. His body was trembling like the ground beneath them.

"You're right. This place is truly remarkable and dangerous.

Even this giant elephant we just met has the power equal to a master at the Immortal King Realm."

Austin frowned to himself, deep in thought. He cast several spells to drive the warship so that it could move more quickly.

With his spells, the warship sped up suddenly and vanished into thin air.

The giant elephant's howls chased after them.

When it got tired, it let out a furious growl but stopped running after them. Instead, it headed back towards the lake.

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