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   Chapter 2470 The Son Of The Grand Leader

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Solow followed Austin and stood beside him.

"What? A human boy?"

A large group of evil creatures looked up at the young man who suddenly appeared, shocked and angry.

"What? Aren't you Solow?

Damn it, you lowly slave. What are you doing with a human being? Do you want to get your head chopped off?"

an evil creature shouted when he'd recognized Solow.

"You're doomed!"

Then Solow grinned, showing two rows of huge white teeth, gloating.

"Shut up! Go and kill both of them!"

a young evil creature roared.

Suddenly, dozens of evil creatures rushed over.

In this large group of evil creatures, the most powerful of them were at the Fifth Evil Energy Realm.

Austin waved his hand to activate his Omnipotent Bodily Skill. Suddenly, his palm grew so large that it reached the sky.


In an instant, Austin's huge palm had smashed more than half of the evil creatures, turning them into nothing more than a blood mist.

The demonic avatar also appeared with the Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand to absorb all the blood mist.

Kkkkackkk! Kkkkackkk! Kkkkackkk!

The remaining evil creatures were so scared that their teeth were chattering, staring at Austin in horror.

They couldn't believe that Austin had killed over half the demons in just a single smash.

Moreover, two of them were at the Fifth Evil Energy Realm.

"Let's go!"

The four young evil creatures in the lead realized that they were in trouble. The young man in front of them was much more powerful than they were.

"Ha-ha, do you really think that we're going to let you go?"

Austin burst into laughter. He raised his hand and slapped across the air. The next second, his palm once again enlarged and swept towards the remaining evil creatures.


The evil creatures were smashed into a thousand pieces.

The four young evil creatures were all captured by Austin. He sealed their cultivation base and transferred them to the Slave Tower.

The four young evil creatures ranked high as they were from noble families in the Third Demonic World. Austin figured they would be of great help to him in the future.

Seeing that Austin had killed all the evil creatures in just a few slaps, Solow was surprised and at the same time, pleased.

'My master's so powerful

he might be able to use him as a distraction for the battle.

Even if he couldn't distract him, it would be still gratifying to see him angry.

"What... You bold human brat! You killed all my guards!

I'm the son of Grand Leader Waddell from the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World. If you dare lay a finger on me, my father will never let you go!"

the fiery red young evil creature stuttered in fear, feeling threatened.

He was the favorite son of Grand Leader Waddell. Even creatures from outside the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World, would show him some respect because of his father.

A grand leader of the abyss demon race was not only incomparably powerful but also powerful enough to command billions of powerful evil creatures.

No other ordinary cultivator would dare to provoke the grand leaders of the demon race.

As a result, this young evil creature had never been treated like this.


As soon as Austin kicked the young evil creature, his chest bone cracked into pieces. The pain overcame his body like a strong tide.

"Ah! You're too cruel!

I... I will talk! Please don't kill me! I will tell you everything... Please don't kill me..."

The fiery red evil creature cried bitterly. He could feel his heart twisting in pain as he sobbed pitifully.

Every sine he was a child, he'd always been protected and he'd never had to suffer. This was the first time that he'd ever had to bear such a pain.

"You will answer my questions. Now!"

Austin was unfazed.

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