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   Chapter 2467 Victory

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While the stronger ones fought in a fierce battle, the rest of the creatures continued to fight just as bravely.

The creatures of the Immortal End World were overwhelmingly outnumbered already.

Luckily, Austin was able to get his two warships to attack and kill a good number of their enemies. This evened their numbers out—the creatures of the Immortal End World were no longer outnumbered.

"Kill these demons! Cut their heads off!"

"Ha-ha! You evil clowns. Do you think we're going to let you step all over us? Get your asses over here and we'll teach you a lesson!"

The living beings of the Immortal End World were in high spirits. They roared and dashed towards their enemies.

Old or young, none of them backed down.

They had focused on cultivating outside the Immortal End World recently and they had progressed a lot. Moreover, they were also elites of different clans and sects.

The creatures had reached the Immortal Realm and Immortal Transforming Realm while the rest were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm and below. They all valiantly fought off foreign troops.

The war was fierce and brutal. Blood splattered in the air and dead bodies could be seen everywhere.

Both sides suffered casualties.

The outcome of the battle, however, would only be determined by the strongest ones.

Once they had defeated their opponents, they would easily be able to wipe out the rest of the enemies.

"Go to hell!" Austin bellowed in the middle of the battle.

Using his mind, he controlled the new Supreme Spiritual Pot to attack one of his opponents, who was at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm.

It was the first time that Austin had used the Supreme Spiritual Pot.

All of a sudden, the evil creature cried out in pain.

The Supreme Spiritual Pot was madly attacking his spiritual soul.

"It worked!"

Austin was delighted.

'The Supreme Spiritual Pot is made of a great amount of omnipotent gas. No wonder it's so powerful.'


The Fire Stela unleashed immense suppressing power and smashed the evil creature that was now screaming in pain.

Austin fixed his eyes on a master of the heaven shadow race.

The members of the heaven shadow race were capable of being invisible. They had the ability to turn into a shadow

and a warship appeared in front of him. He got onto it immediately.

Swoosh! The warship flew in the direction of where the foreign troops had run off to.

Austin, the soldier, and the rest of the people in the Immortal End World were after their enemies.

A few hours later, all the creatures of the three alien races including their two remaining masters that were powerful enough to battle the Immortal King Realm cultivators had already been killed.

None of them was able to escape successfully.

At this point, the battle came to an end.

The Immortal End World won the battle!


What a great day! This has to be the happiest day of my life!"

"I can't believe I killed dozens of those evil creatures!"

"So what? I killed at least a hundred!"

"From now on, no one's going to underestimate us!"

The creatures of the Immortal End World looked proudly at the battlefield. They had won and sweet victory was theirs.

Some were laughing; some were crying; some were dancing.

Meanwhile, the elder cultivators knelt down and looked toward the sky as if they were praying to the ancestors of the Immortal End World, tears of joy streaming down their faces

For many years, the creatures in the Immortal End World had lived in the shadows of the evil creatures outside their world.

Now, they didn't have to suffer anymore because today they had eliminated the invaders.

This victory boosted their morale and made them more confident in themselves and their skills.

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