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   Chapter 2466 A High Form Of Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8272

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In a flash, three evil creatures of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm charged ahead and blocked Austin's way.

"Austin, rot in hell!"

Although the three devil masters were shocked by Austin's power, they didn't think he was a worthy opponent.

After all, an evil creature of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm was as powerful as a master of the Immortal King Realm in the Immortal End World.

They didn't think a young man like Austin could be a master of the Immortal King Realm.

The three evil creatures closed in on Austin, hoping to finish him in one blow.

"Do you think you can defeat me and take my life?" Austin asked with a defiant sneer.

Then he rushed towards one of the three enemies.

The evil creature suddenly realized that Austin wasn't planning on dodging his attack. The realization that Austin was in fact, charging at him enraged his enemy.

He waved his black whip at Austin menacingly.

There were nine black skulls on the whip that were continuously emitting strong evil aura.

Austin reached out to grab the black whip. His hand suddenly emitted a colorful aura.

"Human boy, you're courting death!" the evil creature yelled furiously.

Austin's behavior was a great insult to him. His ego was hurt by the fact that a puny human would even think of battling him with his bare hands.

Austin grabbed the black whip once again.

Under the evil creature's astonished gaze, he clenched his fist tightly.


The black whip immediately imploded into black dust and scattered all over the place.


Austin then turned his attention to the evil creature who was in utter shock. Austin reached him in the blink of an eye and threw a powerful punch at his face.

The space around his fist disintegrated, and everything around it seemed to have been sucked into a void.

Sensing the terrifying power of Austin's fist, the evil creature got completely shaken.

"No way!" the evil creature exclaimed in utter disbelief.

With a crystal clear sound, Austin destroyed all his enemy's defenses and punched him again, turning him into a mist of blood.

The demonic avatar was right beside Austin. The Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand absorbed all the essence of the dead evil creature.

One of the strong evil creatures of the Sixth Evil Energy Realm was killed in this manner.

All the creatures there, from the Immortal End World and even those creatures from the three alien races could not help but focus their eye

mmortal King Realm masters of the Immortal End World were outnumbered, they were still more powerful than their opponents.

More importantly, Austin's demonic avatar could even disturb the Immortal King Realm masters by performing the World Sealing Tabooed Magic.

It constantly displayed the World Sealing Tabooed Magic to immobilize the strong evil creatures.

Even some of evil creatures that could match a master that was at the preliminary stage of Immortal King Realm were sealed because they were standing too close to it.

Then Austin took the chance and beat them to death. There was nothing they could do about it.

After a while though, the creatures of the Immortal End World started to gain the upper hand.

Afraid of Austin's demonic avatar, those alien masters that were as powerful as Immortal King Realm cultivators had to take steps back.

"Ha-ha! This is really exciting!

You evil clowns! Now you know what we are capable of, don't you?" Kevin said proudly.

Countless dragons made of vital energy force growled on the surface of his body. Infinite vital energy force emerged out from his body.

He used all kinds of powerful secret skills and even forced a powerful master of the Seventh Evil Energy Realm to step back in fear. Finally, he killed his opponent with his own bare hands.

Even the soldier also showed his formidable combat effectiveness.

The spear in his hand emitted cold light that was as thick as a slab of granite. He wielded his spear and split the space in half.

Even when he fought against three strong evil creatures alone, his combat effectiveness gave him a serious upper hand.

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