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   Chapter 2465 Fierce Battle

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The fierce gunfire caused the remaining members of the three major races from the other worlds to take to their heels.

They ended up scattering around the interplanetary space around their warships.

Here, the effect of the gunfire was much weaker.

"Well, we can stop shooting, Master Kevin! Let's go out and kill our enemies!"

Austin said to Kevin through his spiritual sense.

The two warships from Immortal End World ceased fire at the same time.

Then, all the cultivators inside the warships darted out.

As he ran, Austin glanced around and found that the guns of the warship had killed almost two-fifths of the enemy troops.

"Wow! These two warships are really powerful.

So many of the abyss demons are already dead!"

Kevin sighed with joy.

This was the first time he had used warships to fight against enemy troops, and he had not expected to see such a good result.

"Yes, the warships built by the Tycoon World deserve their good reputation.

Their fame goes all the way back to ancient times. I can't believe that I finally got to witness their power with my own eyes today.

Alas! If we had had a batch of Tycoon World warships back then, the result of the war would have been very different,"

the soldier said with a sigh.

At this time, the troops of the three foreign races finally recognized the identity of their attackers.

"They are creatures from Immortal End World!"

"Those two terrible warships belong to Immortal End World!" "How is that possible? How could they own such terrible warships? Isn't the Immortal End World a closed and shitty world?"

They all simultaneously roared in anger.

As far as they knew, the cultivators of the Immortal End World were very weak.

That was why they had fearlessly sent out troops to surround the Immortal End World in the first place.

Unexpectedly, a large number of their troops had been killed in such a short time.

"Yes, we are from the Immortal End World. Only blood atones for blood! Today, all of you will go to hell," shouted Kevin, enraged at the sight of the three races belittling them.

His heart was deluged with killing intent.

"Kill them!"

Austin waved his hand and charged at the enemy troops.


With his bodily movement skill, h

Immortal End World also noticed Austin's performance and their jaws dropped in shock.

"Austin is so powerful!

He has already far surpassed his peers. He looks like a god of war in the sky."

Most of the young cultivators from Immortal End World had already heard all about Austin, but at this moment, seeing Austin battle in front of their eyes, they were dumbstruck.

For example, Henry, who was from the Ji Clan in the East Mainland of the Divine Continent, was completely stunned.

For the past few months, he had devoted himself to cultivating outside the Immortal End World. Now, he had come here to fight.

Like Henry, several elite disciples of the three holy lands and three prominent clans from the East Mainland had come here after cultivating for a long time. But they couldn't help but stop mid-battle to watch Austin's invincible fighting power with a complex expression in their eyes.

"Kill!" Austin roared again, shaking them all out of the trance.

His roar once again aroused their fighting spirit, making them determined to kill their enemies.

"He is the master of the Immortal End World, Austin!

Kill him now!"

"Yes, I recognized him too. That's definitely Austin! What his avatar is holding is one of the three inherited treasures of our world, the Diabolic Killing Needle. Let's work together to take it back!"

Austin's horrifying fighting power had attracted the attention of some of the masters of the three foreign races.

They charged at Austin with a loud cry.

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