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   Chapter 2464 Attack From Afar

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As soon as he received the message from Elder Kevin, Austin immediately headed for the cultivation base just outside the Immortal End World.

Right after the conversation, Austin suddenly just figured it out.

Since the establishment of the cultivation base outside of the Immortal End World, Elder Kevin had been planning for the beings in the Immortal End World to have a trial in that base.

Compared to the Immortal End World, the space outside was undeniably more ideal for martial artists to mobilize their strength and mature as an individual.

Elder Kevin instantly acted on the idea especially right after Austin brought back two top warships from the Tang Clan of the Tycoon World.

In fact, during the past few days, Elder Kevin had sent multiple batches of cultivators from the Immortal End World to some popular places of trial in the universe to cultivate by the two warships.

However, a creature in the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World had unexpectedly found them.

At that moment, the Third Demonic World had dispatched a huge army to surround and hunt for the cultivators that hailed from the Immortal End World.

In addition to that, evil creatures from the Demonic World came to realize that the Immortal End World beings were now able to travel in and out of the Immortal End World as freely as they could.

Therefore, the evil creatures suddenly assumed that there must be a secret portal or any secret door that led to the Immortal End World.

Curious about this secret access, the Third Demonic World sent a large number of evil creatures to surround and inspect the Immortal End World to find where the secret passage was located.

Not only the abyss demon race, the heaven shadow race and the skeleton race had also sent a large number of people to surround the Immortal End World. They were also trying to find this secret passage.

For this reason, the Immortal End World was now under siege of three powerful forces.


Austin couldn't help but snort out loud.

At that moment, the three forces seemed to belittle the Immortal End World, making it something that they could bully at will.

To show force and domination, they always sent a threatening large number of people in the area.

"How about the enemy forces' power and strength?"

Austin inquired.

"As far as we know, their forces are all personally led by several masters at the Immortal King Realm.

They ultimately believe that the most powerful master in the Immortal End World is at the Immortal King Realm.

ice the presence of the two warships.

"Shoot them with our warship's crystal cannons first, then we press on for close combat,"

Austin ordered Elder Kevin immediately.


Elder Kevin nodded his head.

For Austin, attacking from a distance first and then pressing on for close combat was the best choice for them to win the war.

Then, a row of crystal cannons were put out, which were fired simultaneously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Streaks of thick white energy column tore the space, shooting the warships of the three enemy forces.

Not knowing what was happening around them, a few warships were blown into smithereens.

"Enemy contact!"

"Oh my God! There are only two of them! How could they be so terrifying?"

"Get out of the way!"

Immediately, the three forces did not know what to do as panic struck them.

Consuming numerous number of crystals, the two warships were of high levels and were able to launch such powerful attacks.

However, Austin and Elder Kevin could not care any less about the crystals at all for they had piles of them stacked up in the warship, ready for battle.

At that moment, swarms of huge columns of white energy were shot at the three forces.

Just in a matter of moments, a huge number of enemy warships were already destroyed.

The smell of blood and fear crippled the whole space, along with the deafening whines and screams of the decapitated cultivators.

At that point on, everyone learned that even a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm could not fight against the two warships head-on.

With a sharp mind pulling off a dense barrage, Austin caused severe damage that made everyone terrified to their bones.

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