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   Chapter 2461 Cleaning Up The Evil Spirits

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Austin was sitting cross legged high above the Immortal End World in the sky. It was as if he was floating on the clouds. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and he began to move.

With powerful strides, he soon arrived at the Land of Life-and-death of the Middle Pilgrim Land

He had been here once before to help the Flame Emperor find the Reincarnate Lotus.

This had provided him with the knowledge that this place was filled with various evil creatures and not to be taken lightly.

Since Zenith had been guarding this place, the evil creatures were too afraid to stir up trouble.

However, Zenith had left now.

This meant that if these evil creatures were not eliminated, they would cause trouble sooner or later.

Austin stood outside and perceived the land using his spiritual sense.

Sure enough, a thick and evil aura was spread all over the land and it practically reeked of destruction and malicious intentions.

Austin snorted and strode inside.

In the daytime, fierce fighting would break out in the Land of Life-and-death occasionally. When that happened, the mountains would collapse, and a large number of them would be instantly razed to the ground.

The shock wave as a result of that would be strong enough to create a hurricane in the sky.

In short, this whole world was seething with this kind of excitement.

Countless evil creatures could be heard roaring and screaming endlessly.

Austin released the demonic avatar at the same time as he strode inside. The avatar killed every single evil creature it faced, and let the Diabolic Killing Needle absorb their energy. The needle was made significantly stronger during this adventure.

Of course, in addition to those evil creatures, various creatures of other races and some special creatures were also living in seclusion in this place.

Austin had a simple rule. As long as it was not an evil creature, he would let it go and would not even provoke it.

Twenty four hours later, Austin came to the deepest part of the Land of Life-and-death.

This was a dense forest, and he met several figures here.

In the midst of the billowing black mist that covered it, these figures were staring at him with a fierce gaze.

They seemed to be a few human beings, wearing ancient clothes, and emitting a sense of vicissitudes.

Clearly, they had been here for a long time now.

The figure standing in

ee was giving off a peaceful Buddhist light that felt like the divine glow of the sky, bright and dazzling.

This was the bodhi tree.

"Is this bodhi tree one of your brothers?"

Austin asked curiously as he sent a message to the supreme holy tree in his Omnipotent Pot.

"Human boy, open your eyes and look carefully.

This is not even a tree.

It's just an illusion created by a Sarira,"

the supreme holy tree answered impatiently. It seemed to be constantly impatient of him!

"What? !"

Austin was stunned.

The bodhi tree in front of him was so big that tens of millions of green branches and leaves were prospering on it and it almost reached the sky.

Yet it was not real!

Austin's spiritual sense had now reached the Immortal King Realm and yet, he had not sensed this.

It was unbelievable that he had not seen through the illusion!

"The Sarira is mainly used to suppress the diabolic hand below it.

Once you destroy that diabolic hand, it will show its original appearance,"

the supreme holy tree explained.


Austin released the demonic avatar and rushed down into the ground.

He had practiced the Earth Formula and the secret inheritance of the red demonic mouse, so he was proficient in the techniques of navigating and traversing underground.

Very soon, he found the giant diabolic hand embedded deep in the heart of the ground.

It was suppressed by nine red chains.

They seemed to be coming from the tree above it.

"Go to hell!"

Without hesitation, Austin and the demonic avatar rushed forward to destroy that hand.

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