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   Chapter 2459 Continuous Breakthrough

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"Great! Let's break through to the Immortal Realm!"

Sensing the opportunity, Austin summoned all of his strength as he focused on the breakthrough.

The cave was not only rich in spiritual energy, but it also contained extremely rare and real immortal energy.

Cultivating in such an environment was several times better than in the universe outside the Immortal End World.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The seven huge golden light balls, like seven orbs of fire, dazzled continuously as they revolved above Austin's head.

After breaking through to the premium stage of Immortal Transforming Realm, Austin advanced the Golden Sun Scripture to the seventh level. Thus, he could now create seven huge golden light balls.

During this cultivation, Austin didn't take the assistance of any pill or treasures from heaven and earth.

Instead, he chose to absorb the spiritual energy around him and improve his cultivation base regardless of how much time it would take.

He had plenty of time anyway.

By moving at a slower pace, Austin knew that he would be laying a stronger foundation for his future training.

Jude and the little infinity beast were also immersed in their cultivation in corners of the secret room.

Time passed slowly.

During this period, one day, the supreme holy tree suddenly entered the time chamber and took the huge golden tree from the Omnipotent Pot.

It said that it was going to remove the restriction from the enormous golden tree.

Austin didn't interfere.

About a hundred years later.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the corner of the time chamber, bolts of lightning flashed continuously, like waterfalls, and thunder roared.

Bathed in the dense thunder and lightning, Austin shouted as he rose to his feet.

The Thunderstroke Doom that had descended from the sky on Austin contained seven colors of thunder and lightning—red, black, yellow, green, blue, white, and purple.

Austin and the thunder unicorn stood side by side and battled against the thunder radiance in the sky with high fighting spirits.

They knew that the higher a warrior's cultivation level was, the more powerful the Thunderstroke Doom he would need to withstand when he broke through.

Moreover, the more talented a cultivator was, the more potent the Thunderstroke Doom would be.

This time, as Austin had entered the Immortal Realm, the Thunderstroke Doom lasted for eight hours before it slowly dis

supreme holy tree said with sincere excitement.

"It's you, Woodrow.

What happened? I had such a long dream. Did I sleep for a long time?"

Gradually, the golden holy tree came to and spoke out its doubts.

"It's good that it is awake now.

You assured us that you would give us two more vials of essence after it's done.

Don't renege on your promise.

Shit, I don't think it was a good idea to make a deal with you!"

said the elder dressed in white.

Only the old man in white, the old man in black, and the supreme holy tree together could lift the restriction on the golden holy tree in such a short time. Without their efforts, no one could have woken up the golden holy tree.

"All right, all right...

Let the brothers get together first.

Why can't you be more patient?"

the old man in black advised as he shook his head.

The supreme holy tree and the golden holy tree stood aside to catch up.

"The two little guys who were cultivating in the secret room seem to have gained something.

Well, it is time for them to stop.

If they stay in the time chamber for too long, I'm afraid that they will get in trouble when the master asks,"

the old man in black muttered as he glanced at the time chamber deep in the cave.

Then, his sleeves fluttered and hastily flew into the cave.

Austin and Jude, who were still in the secret chamber, were forcefully dragged out of the chamber.

In a split second, Austin grabbed the little infinity beast and teleported it into the Slave Tower.

The next moment, both Austin and Jude found that they had returned to the pavilion.

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