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   Chapter 2455 Entering The Cave

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One, two, three days...

Time passed slowly.

This world was vast with boundless white snow. Everywhere Austin looked, he saw snow dragons flying in the sky. Every now and then, the dragons rushed toward him.

"These snow dragons are extremely dangerous, but you're benefitting from them so much.

You're no doubt the most talented young man in Immortal End World!"

Jude exclaimed appreciatively, seeing how much Austin's spiritual sense power had grown.

Half a month later, Austin noticed that the refining speed of the spiritual tree was finally beginning to slow down.

It seemed that his refinement had reached a critical point.

A few moments later, the spiritual tree finally stopped refining and went into hibernation. In its dormant state, it slowly began to grow taller.

Austin could feel that the spiritual tree was about to evolve as it had absorbed a lot of spiritual energy at once. This was great!

"Austin, your spiritual sense is much stronger than before!"

Jude said.

"I am indeed much stronger than before,"

Austin replied with a smile.

At this point, his Soul Sea was filled with thick spiritual sense power as heavy as the rain.

The spiritual sense lake in the center of his Soul Sea had expanded so much that no matter where he looked, it stretched out of his sight. Waves surged into the air from time to time, making for a magnificent scene.

Austin felt like the power of his spiritual sense was almost tangible.

Its strength was now equivalent to that of a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm!

"The snow here contains enormous spiritual sense energy.

Now that I have made great progress in terms of spiritual sense, I should refine a new Supreme Spiritual Pot first.

My spiritual tree is in recess now. If I were to encounter those snow dragons again, I would not be able to defend myself," Austin continued.

He was afraid that being attacked by snow dragons again was unavoidable in this world of ice and snow.

Then, thinki

cave owner by tracing his aura.

After all, only the owner of this cave can bring us back to the universe that we know.

Otherwise, we will have to stay in this strange world forever until we die."

The old man in black sighed.

"Let him in. I haven't seen him for a long time,"

said the old man in white.

Then, with his bodily movement skill, he moved toward the doors, which slowly began to open with a creak.

"The doors are open!"

Both Austin and Jude were surprised and pleased.

"If it weren't for me, the doors wouldn't have opened!"

the supreme holy tree said proudly.

Finally, when the doors were completely ajar, Austin looked into the distance.

Inside the cave, there was fairy mist sparkling everywhere. It was impossible to see how vast the cave was.

Birds of prey could be seen everywhere. There were thousands of yards, pavilions, small bridges, and rivers.

Before Austin and Jude could even react, the supreme holy tree had already rushed into the cave.

"Bastard, come out.

You put us twelve brothers through hell!

We have been stuck in this backward universe for so many years because of you!

Old bastard, I won't let you go unless you bring us back home!"

the supreme holy tree cursed loudly the second it entered the cave, dashing around in search of the cave owner.

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