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   Chapter 2453 A Cave

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8165

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A roar reverberated through the whole place.

Suddenly, a white tiger appeared in the air and pounced on Austin and Jude.

Jude took action instantly. As he waved his hand, his sleeves fluttered and grew bigger as he prepared to attack the tiger.

An enormous explosive force came out of the sleeve directed at the white tiger.

As soon as it came into contact with the white tiger, the latter was thrown quite a distance from where they were standing.

Austin knew that Jude was also a strong master at the Immortal King Realm so he wasn't really surprised by his display of power.

Gradually, Austin realized that a weird continent popped out suddenly in front of him.

The continent was full of towering trees and mountains. It seemed to be a deserted land with all kinds of birds and beasts.

The fragrance of all types of superior herbs, semi-omnipotent herbs and omnipotent herbs filled the entire continent. These herbs emitted a dazzling light.

"Oh my God! This looks like a really a good place. There are so many omnipotent herbs in this continent!" Austin exclaimed in utter astonishment.

Austin moved his body and prepared to rush over and collect all the valuable herbs just lying around invitingly waiting to be picked.

"Calm down, Austin. If you sense them carefully, you will know that they are not real. It's just an illusion,"

Jude said, reaching out to stop Austin.

"Really? Are you kidding me? They look so real!"

Austin was stunned.

He then released his spiritual sense to scan the continent more carefully and found out that everything on the continent was extremely unstable. It was constantly changing like rippling water waves spreading all over.

While he was still busy perceiving the continent, the whole continent in front of Austin abruptly collapsed and broke into pieces in an instant.

"Amazing! It was all made of light and shadow. Wow, that's indeed a brilliant illusion!"

Austin exclaimed in astonishment.

Austin unexpectedly felt uncomfortable and thought that something was wrong with the space inside the pot.

"Come on, let's get going.

You'll get used to it soon enough," Jude said.

Without waiting for Austin's response, Jude dashed forward.

Then, the two of them continued their journey.

They encountered many monsters along the way. Fortunately, the strongest ones were merely equal to cultivators at the Immortal King Realm while the rest of t


'Let me see. If this whole world is made by mental power then we can use it to our advantage.

Well, I will give it a try and see if the spiritual tree can refine those snowflakes.'

Swiftly, in his Soul Sea, the spiritual tree gave off a strong refining power and immediately shrouded the snowflakes.

"I can't believe it worked!"

Austin was ecstatic.

The blossoming snowflakes were constantly refined and transformed into streaks of spiritual sense force. They were soon absorbed by Austin's Soul Sea.

Austin got a feeling of refreshing nourishment seeping into his Soul Sea. His spiritual soul was warm and he felt fantastic.

'My spiritual sense has grown stronger rapidly.

These snowflakes must have contained a lot of spiritual sense energy, ' Austin thought.

"Austin, are you all right?"

Jude asked him with concern as he noticed that Austin had been silent for quite a while.

"I'm fine; don't worry,"

Austin answered.

Then, they went deeper into the world full of ice and snow.

Austin was flying while also controlling the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea to refine the snowflakes.

As the spiritual tree kept refining the snowflakes, more and more snowflakes rushed into Austin's Soul Sea.

During the whole process, Austin could clearly feel that his spiritual sense was improving continuously.

Time trickled by quickly.


Jude suddenly called out.

He and Austin stopped in their tracks at the same time and looked into the distance.

In the depths of the land, under the shadow of the rising snowflakes, a towering cave could be seen in the distance!

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