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   Chapter 2451 An Old Friend Of The Sun Sect

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"Your place?

That's ridiculous! This is the home of our senior master, Austin. How dare you say that you used to live here?

You arrogant guy, I'm going to teach you a lesson. I won't allow anyone to disrespect Austin!"

a disciple at the ninth level of Energy Gathering Realm declared in great anger. Then, he held a sword in his right hand and cast a spell with his left.

It was obvious that this disciple had put a lot of effort into mastering his swordsmanship. The speed, strength, and angle of his sword were all quite good.

Austin thought that, judging by the way he wielded his sword, this disciple must be the strongest among the group of cultivators at the same level as him.


Take this as a thank you for defending my honor."

With a smile, Austin suddenly pulled the disciple over and swung his hand over the latter's head.

"Show mercy!"


The rest of the disciples cried out, turning pale with fright.

As for the disciple that Austin had grabbed, he was shocked and angry, as well as desperate.

If his head was hit, he would die for sure.


When Austin's palm made contact with the disciple's head, a powerful burst of air flowed into the disciple's body and spread along his meridians, flooding everywhere.

This disciple's body trembled uncontrollably, much to the fright of everyone watching.


Then, a force of vital energy burst out of his body.

He had reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm!

"What?! I've reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm!"

The disciple froze there, dumbfounded.

It was unbelievable.

Before anyone could react, Austin sent a dozen Space Rings flying toward these disciples with a wave of his hand.

Each of these Space Rings contained some cultivation resources.

These resources meant nothing to Austin, but for disciples at the Energy Gathering Realm, they were simply priceless.

With these resources, they would be able to speed up their cultivation.

Austin gave these resources to them as gifts for guarding his cottage fo

cultivation every once in a while.

Our Sun Sect has set up a stronghold there so that all the leaders and top disciples of our sect can go there to cultivate,"

Mindy replied.

Theon, Murray, and the other high-level members of the Sun Sect also stepped forward to greet Austin.

After exchanging greetings, the group sat down at a table in front of Austin's cottage to catch up.

"Look, this is the most famous senior cultivator of our sect, Austin!"

"Austin, you have an impressive temperament, like a god!"

Almost all the disciples of Sun Sect had also come here after hearing the news, wanting to have a look at Austin.

After all, Austin was considered a legend in Sun Sect.

All the disciples looked up to him and practiced hard to follow in his footsteps.

Now, thousands of disciples had crowded around on the mountain, clogging up all the space.

"By the way, why is this cottage a forbidden area of the Sun Sect now?"

Austin asked.

"Austin, in the whole history of our Sun Sect, you are the best and most promising disciple!

Considering your present status, we obviously have to place strict protection on all the places you used to live in,"

Theon explained with a laugh.

"Austin, please allow it.

With you as an example, our Sun Sect will be prosperous,"

Mindy said.

Austin pursed his lips and decided to let it be.

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