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   Chapter 2450 Return To The Sun Sect

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Austin stayed at the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land for several days.

The Flame Holy Land had made a tremendous progress, and his friends had improved a lot. All of this made Austin thrilled, and he seemed to be in cloud nine as he went around the place.

Later, Austin visited Priest Callum of the evil shadow race who was inside the headquarters.

Ever since they rebuilt the Flame Holy Land, members of the evil shadow race had taken residency at the headquarters and they were now part of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin told Priest Callum about the members of the evil shadow race that he met outside the Immortal End World.

"That is not surprising. Based on the records of our ancestors, our race originated outside of the Immortal End World.

It was eras ago that we fled to the Immortal End World for safety and shelter.

From then on, we stayed in that small world and were cut off from the outside world. Until you found us, broke the seal and freed us,"

explained  Priest Callum.

"Why did you escape to the Immortal End World? Were you chased by your enemies?"

Austin asked.

"I have no clue. For some reason, our memories were erased. We didn't know about our past.

The one who did that to us must be a powerful cultivator.

He cast a spell to trap us in that world. After that, he left and never came back,"

Priest Callum answered.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

"If we want to figure out what happened to us back then, and why we lost our memories, we have to go out and find those people of the evil shadow race,"

Priest Callum said as he looked at Austin.

He knew his people were weak.

It would be very dangerous for them to go outside this world.

But if Austin would accompany them, then his crew would be protected.

Austin understood what Priest Callum was saying.

"Not today.

I will go to the outside world with you to find those evil shadow race members one day. Then we will find out what happened to you. That's a promise,"

Austin said.


Priest Callum was overjoyed. Austin's promise was more than enough for him.

Six days later, Austin left the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

He returned to the Prime Martial World through the spatial passage in the Black-wind Beast

lowed to enter  this place?


Damn it! He is not a part of our sect!

Arrest him!"

a disciple shouted.

'A stranger broke into our forbidden area. If our leaders found out about this, they will punish us!' he thought as he started to panic.

The disciples became furious and closed in on Austin.

"You got it wrong! I was a disciple of the Sun Sect. I went away for a long time and I was just dropping by.

I mean you no trouble,"

Austin explained with a friendly smile.

"How dare you! This is where Austin lived. No one in the Prime Martial World is allowed to set foot in here. Even the emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire is no exception, and you're a nobody.

Who do you think you are? How dare you enter this sacred place? You're a disgrace! You should know better than dishonor our holy land!" a disciple shouted as he pointed his sword at Austin.

He hurriedly took out a jade slip, smashing it in order to inform his superiors about the intruder.

"Wait! I am not an intruder! I told you; I used to live here."

Looking at the hostile disciples in front of him, Austin felt annoyed and yet amused by their ignorance.

"Wait a second! They don't even recognize me, but they kept saying that Austin Lin was the most prominent disciple in the Sun Sect, and he was the remarkable cultivator who used to live here. Wait! Could this be..."

With these words, it dawned on Austin why these disciples were so intent in guarding and defending the place where he used to live.

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