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   Chapter 2449 Return To The Headquarters Of The Flame Holy Land

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Updated: 2020-03-20 00:02

The Flame Holy Land had become a powerful sect.

It had been recognized in the entire Immortal End Continent. In fact, it was already considered big enough.

That was because seven great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm were already part of it.

The six resurrected ancient masters, including Elder Sharp, had all successfully reached the Immortal Transforming Realm.

Mr. Fang, on the other hand, chose to join the Flame Holy Land and become one of the reclusive elders because of Austin.

A sect that had seven great masters at the Immortal Transforming Realm would in no doubt be a front-runner in the entire Immortal End Continent.

More than that, Austin, an undeniably powerful young man, was also one of the members of the Flame Holy Land!

That was indeed fearsome in itself!

Considering his current status and strength, neither any person nor any force in the Immortal End World would dare to provoke the Flame Holy Land.

Therefore, it unceasingly progressed and developed.

As he drifted in midair, Austin looked down around the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land and nodded with satisfaction.

Compared to before, the area and size of the headquarter of the Flame Holy Land had now expanded at least ten times.

All the powerful arrays were deployed in the headquarters, making it shine like the haven of immortals. Spiritual energy gathering arrays, defensive arrays, and attacking arrays overlapped, causing a dense mist to rise.

Austin took a step forward and entered the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

"Who is there?"

Six figures instantly ran towards Austin at full speed.

They were none other than the six reclusive elders at the Immortal Transforming Realm, including Mr. Fang.

Elder Sharp was still cultivating outside the Immortal End World, leaving the six other elders here.

"It's Austin!"

The six reclusive elders were delighted upon seeing Austin.

"It's me, sirs,"

Austin greeted them with a smile.

Up to now, Austin was still the Holy Heritor of the Flame Holy Land, so he felt very comfortable to be back at his own sect.

The six reclusive elders led Austin to the meeting hall and excitingly chatted with him.

Austin took out a large amount of cultivation resources and hand

become two incarnate Buddhas. It was amazing!

However, as soon as they saw Austin, both of them turned lively, rushing towards him and chatting their hearts away as if there was no tomorrow.

Sue especially yearned to stick onto Austin, just like a monkey hanging on the tree.

They were just, indeed, like any other girls who were head over heels for Austin.

Austin could not help but smile gently upon seeing their reactions.

"Thank goodness! You are finally back, Tin!"

"I miss you so much, Tin!

I heard that you have become the master of the Immortal End World. You're of high status now, huh! You must have got a great amount of wealth!

Don't forget to promote me! Ha-ha!"

Two figures suddenly rushed in from outside the meeting hall.

They were Evan and Herbert.

Godwin had brought the two from the Prime Martial World to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, strictly guarding them like dogs on a leash.

Elder Sharp even personally guided and monitored their cultivation.

The old man was famous for being serious when it came to regulating and governing the cultivation of his disciples.

Especially for Evan and Herbert, they were under enormous pressure and had to go through hellish training.

However, despite that, no one could deny that the results had been worthwhile. At present, the two had both reached the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm!

Upon sensing the cultivation levels of his newly arrived friends, Austin nodded with utmost satisfaction.

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