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   Chapter 2448 The Slaughtering Sect Is Destroyed

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'Aha! This puppet seems to be powered by some energy and is controlled through some spiritual sense mark, '

Austin thought.

He kept examining the black giant for a while. Finally, he was able to find a huge secret button on its abdomen. For a second he hesitated but his anxiety got the better of him. He pressed it. Pop! A huge box popped open. Austin's eyes grew wide.

The huge box was filled with an enormous number of special crystals. Their large number shocked him greatly. Seeing a multitude of such special crystals was a rare thing.

Excitedly, Austin took out all the special crystals from the big box.

Instantly, the strength of the black giant started reducing. In a few moments, it became terribly weak.

"Ha-ha! Look at that! You are out of energy, aren't you?"

Austin was overjoyed when he realized it.

"Brat! I'm warning you! Let go of our God-killing Puppet at once!" one of the four black-robed men of the Slaughter Sect shouted furiously at Austin.

He and the other three black-robed men were frightened and angry. They wanted to rush over to attack Austin and take the puppet back from his clutches.

But they knew, there was no way Kevin and the soldier would let them hurt Austin. Before attacking Austin, they had to get rid of both of them. Therefore, they launched more powerful attacks on Kevin and the soldier.

Austin held the giant tightly so that the latter couldn't move. He unleashed his spiritual sense. Soon, he found the spiritual sense mark in the giant's head.

Then he directed the Supreme Spiritual Pot towards the giant's head. He controlled it and started hitting the spiritual sense mark continuously.

A few moments passed. The incessant attacks by Austin was beginning to show the impact gradually.

And finally the spiritual sense mark that was embedded in the black giant's head was smashed and disappeared.

Austin was overjoyed at that. He waved his hand and quickly sent the giant into the Slave Tower.

He knew that the God-killing Puppet was extremely strong. Its strength matched that of the master who had reached the medium stage of Immortal King Realm. Austin planned to find time to study about it carefully and make it work for him.

Filled with satisfaction, Austin put away the puppet and sneered at the four men in black.

His smirk annoyed them further. The four men in black robes could not do anything about it. They were completely rattled.

'Oh no! We lost the God-killing Puppet. Although all of us have reached the Immortal King Realm, we haven't recovered from the injuries that we had sustained.

And if we continue to fight further, we will lose for sure, ' they thought dejectedly.

"C'mon men! Let's go!"

one of the men in black robes suggested in a low voice.

The four men in black robes used the bodily movement skills at the same time and disappeared. Feeling sad and helpless they became invisible.

Not only did they become invisible, but they also concealed the aura of their spiritual souls.

"Well, look at that! The secret bodily movement skill of the Slaughtering Sect is indeed amazing!"

Kevin and the soldier praised those men when they became invisible instantly.

"That's just a little trick. I will tell you their locatio


While he put it away safely, Austin planned to spare some time to study and compare the martial skills mentioned in the two scriptures. After all, both had been made for assassins.

Most of the treasures which they found in the small world were taken away by Kevin.

Kevin proposed to offer them as cultivation resources to those people who were cultivating at the base outside the Immortal End World.

If the cultivators in the Immortal End World applied to train themselves in the base of the outside world, they would be provided with necessary resources.

Austin also took some precious natural resources that he was interested in.

The rest of the treasures that they acquired was divided equally among the cultivators who had taken part in the gruesome fight. They deserved to be awarded.

Though it was only a small part, it was a big sum of money for each of them.

That was reasonable too as there were too many treasures in the Slaughtering Sect. A proper distribution would benefit all.

At last, when all had been settled down, they left that small world.

After they destroyed the Slaughtering Sect successfully, Austin went back to the Immortal End School and spent a few days with Caroline, Violet and the gnome.

Once he had reached and rested well, he gave each of them a big share from the collected valuable cultivation resources.

A few days later, Austin left the Immortal End School. This time he was heading towards the area where the Divine Continent had been.

Apparently, the Immortal End Continent was a complete continent in itself.

The cultivators of the eight heavens and the thirty-six small worlds however, still stayed where they had been earlier.

After all, the cultivators, who lived in the same place knew each other better, and they were used to their former lifestyles.

Austin wandered above the Immortal End Continent for some time. Soon he decided to set foot in the Divine Continent.

"The headquarters of the Flame Holy Land!"

When he was just above the East Mainland, Austin was quick in identifying the spot. He recognized the spot, the location of the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

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