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   Chapter 2447 Shameless Technique

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The huge black sword of the giant, which was ten thousands of feet in length, was surging with energy as it cut through the void and came at Austin. Every part of the fabric of reality that it touched cracked and tore in half.

Austin couldn't help but feel intimidated by the giant.

Not only was it enormous with a very high cultivation base, but it also had such a powerful magic treasure. Moreover, it was staring at him with a murderous look in its eyes.

Luckily, Austin had learned and practiced several body refining skills that could put him on an even level with the giant. Using his Omnipotent Bodily Skill, he too grew into a giant that was a hundred thousand feet, glittering all over with colorful light.

Then, he activated the Immortal Body Refining Formula and the Supreme Holy Body at the same time, mixing the two skills together.

With all these skills enhanced, his body was in an extremely good condition.


Austin violently threw the Pot of Chaos forward. It collided with the huge black sword, sending sparks flying in all directions with a deafening sound.

The impact made Austin take a few steps back. Obviously, this pitch-black giant was slightly superior to him in terms of strength.

He couldn't help but secretly admire the strength of the giant. This was the first time he was facing such a powerful character in battle.


At this moment, he sent his demonic avatar forward. The Diabolic Killing Needle in its hand turned into a thick black stick as it charged at the dark giant.


The sword roared in the sky before turning ever so slightly and blocking the Diabolic Killing Needle again.


Austin raised his voice and pushed his Supreme Holy Body to the extreme. His attack and defense powers were all at the maximum level.

The fierce battle between the two giants rocked heaven and earth.

The black giant was so powerful that it knocked Austin and his demonic avatar into the air again and again.

However, both their bodies and their defensive capabilities were very solid. No matter how many times they were knocked backward, they didn't get hurt at all; instead, they rushed back again and again to attack the black giant.

As the fight went on, Austin and the demonic avatar's attacks became smoother and smoother until they were able

me Holy Body in the perfect state, there was no doubt about how fierce the battle was.

Austin's demonic avatar, on the other hand, was completely unscathed because of its extraordinarily tough exterior.


In the middle of the battle, the Pot of Chaos, the Diabolic Killing Needle, and the black giant sword all crashed into each other at the same time. Sparks flew in all directions and crackled over the sky.


Austin roared and grabbed the giant. Then, he rolled on the ground, dragging the giant with him.

Since he was using the Omnipotent Bodily Skill, he was just as big as the giant.

Any other cultivator would have been killed by the black giant in an instant.

Austin's body, however, was strong enough to withstand a few strikes without anything happening to him.

The demonic avatar also rushed forward, cooperating with Austin.

It took this opportunity to wave the stick and smash it at the black giant.

The four men in black robes, Elder Kevin, and the soldier all paused in the middle of battle to watch this absurd scene.

Austin and the black giant were fighting like scoundrels on the street!

No one would believe that they were more or less masters at the Immortal King Realm.

These were the most primitive fighting moves.

However, it had to be said that this method was working in Austin's favor.

He had extraordinary physical strength, which showed in hand to hand combat.

A moment later, the giant was pinned to the ground by Austin and his demonic avatar, rendering it unable to move.

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