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   Chapter 2444 Find The Headquarters Of The Slaughtering Sect

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As the chief of the Immortal End World, Austin could look into any corner of it with his spiritual sense. There was no need for him to be physically present at a place.

It was due to this ability that Austin wasn't in a rush to catch the four escaping killers.

Instead, he floated by in the sky quietly, sensing their escape route and location with the help of his spiritual sense.

He had to admit that the four killers of the Slaughtering Sect were very cunning and cautious. For more than ten days after they escaped, they ran individually, constantly changing their direction and taking complex paths to confuse Austin.

Eventually, two of them returned exactly where they had intercepted Austin. They hid there for two days before secretly trying to leave again.

All four of them were extremely skilled and careful. None of their movements were unplanned.

They even used the teleportation array to teleport themselves across the terrain millions of miles away instantaneously.

Even if the master of Immortal King Realm came to chase them, he would be unable to track these four killers.

Fortunately for Austin, his powers were enough to keep track of the killers. He was reading their movements closely, just waiting for an opportunity to catch them off guard.

The four killers were aware that Austin might keep a close eye on them, hence they deliberately made their routes complex to divert his attention.

In the days that followed, Austin sat cross-legged in the sky right above the Immortal End Continent, feeling their movement with his eyes closed and attention focused as he invoked his spiritual sense.

Half a month after they first started running, the four killers sneaked into what could only be described as strongholds. At first Austin thought they would appear again, but it seemed like they intended to hide there.

What made him furious was they had four clans within the borders of the Immortal End World as their strongholds.

In fact, each of the four clans held power equivalent to a holy land or a prominent clan of the East Mainland of the Divine Continent. The most powerful cultivators among them were no more than a premium stage cultivator of Heavenly Grotto Realm.

That was to say, these four clans had a moderate level of strength and were seldom noticed. No one could have expected they were actually four strongholds of the Slaughtering Sect.

If Austin hadn't traced them, the truth would forever have remained hidde

at them.

Finally, the top three masters of the Immortal End World—the soldier, Master Kevin and Austin were of one mind on the matter.

"But we can't be careless. The Slaughtering Sect has existed in the Immortal End World for a long time, so they may have accumulated plenty of treasures.

They did not participate in the battle that year and hence had suffered no loss.

So the sect might have a large number of powerful cultivators of the Immortal King Realm!"

the soldier speculated.

This hadn't occurred to both Master Kevin and Austin.

But what he said was right.

"Huh! So what?

If we don't get rid of the Slaughtering Sect now, they would continue to be the lurking danger for us in our own world!"

Austin said.

"That's true. By hook or by crook, we need to devise a plan and get rid of them!"

Master Kevin nodded firmly.

Having made his mind, Master Kevin assembled a large group of people.

Soon, the clear skies of the Immortal End Continent was covered with a murderous gang of skilled cultivators.

More than two hundred powerful cultivators of the Immortal Transforming Realm and more than one thousand masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm were all ready to fight in Master Kevin's leadership.

All of them boarded the three giant warships and flew towards where the headquarters of the Slaughtering Sect was.

These warships were those Austin had brought back from the Tycoon World.

They were the top warships of the Tang Clan.

The momentum they spread across the expanse of the sky was daunting. The air thickened with tension and anticipation. The long due battle was finally going to occur.

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