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   Chapter 2443 Kill The Killers

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"Austin, I can't believe you have refined your body to such a degree!"

the old man in black robe exclaimed, staring at Austin in surprise.

The other killers around also turned severe, not as relaxed as they were just a moment ago.

All of them were afraid of Austin, especially those who were only at the Immortal Transforming Realm.

As for the three killers at the Immortal Realm, they remained calm, not bothered by Austin at all. In fact, they even sneered at him with their taunting eyes.

Killing an Immortal Transforming Realm cultivator in just a second was not a big deal for them, as they could kill dozens or even hundreds of Immortal Transforming Realm masters easily before.

So, those three were really experienced and seasoned assassins. "Ha-ha!"

Suddenly, a man in black robe sneered, slowly making his way to Austin.

The killer, taking his time to stomp his foot, did not pull out his sword. Instead, clasping his hands behind his back, he walked towards Austin step by step.

With every step he took, a formidable power blasted out and swept the heaven and earth.

The earth trembled slightly, and the world seemed to follow his rhythm.

His was at the medium stage of Immortal Realm––quite a formidable opponent for Austin!

"Austin, I have to admit that you are indeed an exceptionally gifted young man.

You are the most outstanding juvenile in the entire Immortal End World.

But killing prodigies such as yourself is my favorite game––my guilty pleasure!

I would feel a sense of accomplishment when I strangle a young wunderkinder in the cradle,"

the killer uttered in a calm voice while he moved in a regal manner.

"Ha-ha! When I think of killing the most talented young man in the Immortal End World, I get so extremely ecstatic!"

he further exclaimed, walking up to Austin and staring at him with a playful smile.

Meanwhile, Austin was unbothered, shaking his head helplessly at him––much to the surprise of the killer.

With the perfect state of his Supreme Holy Body, Austin could even fight an Immortal King Realm master.

But now, a guy at the Immortal Realm dared to provoke him by stating outright that he would kill him! Austin thought the former was too full of himself.

"Really now? You think you can kill me?"

Suddenly, Austin gave out a loud roar, and his body suddenly glowed with a brilliant light of seven-colored glaze.


Austin's body moved as quickly as lightning, and in

They realized they couldn't kill Austin.

"You want to escape? No way!" Austin roared.

Like a bolt of thunder, he rushed out and waved his fists, trying to kill all the enemies before they could even entirely escape.

With the increase of his vital energy and physical strength, Austin's current bodily movement skill was so much faster than before.

In just a short period, he was able to slaughter most of the killers.

Only a few of them had successfully escaped.

In this battle, Austin had killed two cultivators at the Immortal Realm, and dozens of cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm and Heavenly Grotto Realm.

"I didn't expect that so many powerful masters are in the Slaughtering Sect!

Well, if I don't get rid of this sect, it will be a threat to the Immortal End World sooner or later,"

Austin murmured, glaring at the direction from which the other killers escaped.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Suddenly, several small yellow array flags dropped from the air.

They were initially set up here to deal with Austin.

Now that those killers were killed or escaped, no one no longer controlled them, and so the array was naturally broken.

Austin rolled up his sleeve and put away all the array flags.

Then he released his spiritual sense far away.

"Ha-ha, you're indeed the killers of the Slaughtering Sect. You've escaped so quickly."

Austin laughed as he sensed a few of the killers running in the air, already over a hundred thousand miles away.

In fact, Austin had purposely let those killers escape.

He planned to trace them to their stronghold so that he could annihilate them all!

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