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   Chapter 2438 Clint

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After taking a half-day tour in the small continent, Austin went back to see Kevin.

"Master Kevin, where are the two elders?" he asked.

He was referring to Zenith and the solider.

"Zenith headed for the Corpse World. You know he is a member of the death race.

The current Immortal End World is no longer a good place for him to stay and cultivate.

It is said that the Corpse World is the stronghold of the death race. That's best place where he can be.

But, don't worry. He said he would come back in three years,"

Kevin replied.

'Corpse World?' Austin was stunned.

'I've never heard of it before!

But yeah, the universe is vast and there are countless other worlds apart from the Immortal End World, ' he thought further.

"The Night Immortal King is back in that ancient city.

He said that a portion of that city was destroyed and he needed to fix it.

Besides, he needs to watch the evil tree!"

Kevin continued, slightly furrowing his eyebrows as he saw Austin spacing out a bit.

"The Night Immortal King?"

Austin asked, his tone giving away his utter surprise.

Kevin was obviously referring to the soldier.

"Yes. The soldier is Night Immortal King. He was a renowned immortal king in the Immortal End World during the ancient times.

When he reached the Immortal King Realm, I was starting to cultivate. I was nobody at that time.

I can't believe that he has been guarding that legendary ancient city,"

Kevin explained, still amazed by the martyrdom and dedication of the Night Immortal King to the ancient city.

"Oh, I see,"

Austin replied, nodding as though he fully comprehended everything Kevin just said.

He was already aware that the soldier was at the premium stage of Immortal King Realm.

What's more, his fighting ability was horribly terrifying––stronger than most cultivators of his level.

However, it wasn't until now that Austin knew the soldier's real, powerful name—Night Immortal King.

"I'm going back to the Immortal End World, Master Kevin,"

Austin informed after getting himself out of the state of shock.

"Yeah, I think that's a good decision."

Kevin nodded to show his agreement.

"I'll give the original energy essence of the continent to you."

As he waved his hand, an enormous cloud of original energy essence of the continent materialized in front of Austin.

Before he had headed for Ancient Forbidde

wn original evil tree. That's why it emits such a strong evil aura now," Austin explained patiently.

He further briefed the supreme holy tree on the evil tree's background and why it ended up there––hanging in midair in that world.

"Damn it! How dare that bastard refine my blood?

That nitwit! I must slam that bloody Devil Ancestor Bale's head!"

the supreme holy tree bellowed angrily.

Austin pursed his lips at the furious tone of the tree. Judging from his use of words, Austin knew that the former was extremely enraged by what he said.

"Come on, don't talk big. That Devil Ancestor Bale can match a sect ancestor. Are you confident enough to mess with him?"

Austin said, trying to console the tree.

"Humph! When I and my other eleven brothers reunite, we will take him down no matter what. I don't care if he gets more sect ancestors on his side. Brat, don't you dare look down on us trees!"

the supreme holy tree yelled at Austin.

"By the way, since this tree is your brother, can you communicate with it and tell it not to stay here?

It would be better if you can help it get free from that Devil Ancestor Bale,"

Austin suggested expectantly.

'If the that trees leaves, then the dome can fix itself and that hole will disappear.

The Immortal End World is bound by so many rules.

If the dome will be able to restore itself, then its seal will grow more solid and refined.

If that is the case, after three years, it wouldn't be that easy even for that Devil Ancestor Bale to break the dome again and attack this world, ' Austin pondered, feeling quite hopeful.

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