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   Chapter 2435 Take Out The Evil Creatures Of The Sixth Evil Energy Realm

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Updated: 2020-03-18 15:29

Austin strode towards the dark evil creature without a care in the world.

Taking note that Austin had left the warship and came at him, the evil creature let out a triumphant laugh.

"Boy, you take yourself too seriously and give yourself too much credit!" the evil creature declared loudly.

Actually, the only thing that scared him was Austin's warship because it had shown how fatal its attacks were just now.

But he felt that Austin was not a threat and didn't take him seriously.

He was convinced that he could put him down in a heartbeat. After all, Austin was just at the preliminary stage of Immortal Transforming Realm.

Two figures skimmed over the sky and quickly flew towards each other.

The distance between them became smaller and smaller.


Human boy, you are digging your own grave.

You are no match for me. I'm at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm which means I'm equivalent to a human master of the Immortal King Realm.

Killing you will be a piece of cake for me, so pick on weak creatures your own size. You are not strong enough to play with real men.

Go to hell!" the black evil creature said confidently.

He stared at the approaching Austin like a leopard stalking his prey. Since they were getting closer, he believed that Austin would definitely not be able to escape from him.

'This human brat is doomed!' the evil creature thought with a vicious sneer on his lips.

A black halberd materialized in his hand.

It emitted a dangerous aura, shocking the starry sky.


The halberd was completely activated and instantly enlarged into great lengths. It was over a hundred thousand feet long as it fell from the sky and came towards Austin at the speed of lightning.

Compared to the thick huge halberd, Austin appeared as small as a pea and very insignificant.

'So evil creatures at the Sixth Evil Energy Realm are as powerful as a human cultivator who is at the preliminary stage of Immortal King Realm.'

Austin came to the conclusion after analyzing and gauging his opponent's strength.

"Ha-ha! We shall destroy this human brat, and avenge our dead companions!"

"How dare such a weakling challenge the authority of the Third Demonic World? You're so daring and simply courting death!"

The rest of the evil creatures around laughed wildly, although at the same time they felt more worked up at the audacity of the weak human. They were so angry at Austin.

The black halberd had grown so huge smashing into the air that by that time it was almost filling the whole starry sky.

Austin raised his head and looked at the black halberd falling from the sky with a faint smile.

Then he raised his right hand and a shiny palm with colorful light appeared. It

n used his palms to smack the black halberd. The sound produced was so loud it sounded like lightning striking a tree.

In the twinkle of an eye, a myriad of huge cracks appeared in the void.

The fight was so fierce that no language could be used to describe it.

It was as if two titans were fighting against each other, turning the space nearby into fine powder. They were fighting like the most terrifying ancient dragons, destroying everything in sight.

Since it could match any battle between two masters of the Immortal King Realm, the impact was formidable. They could easily destroy the space.

The battled lasted a while.

Finally, a figure was thrown backward.

It turned out to be the black evil creature.

"No, this is not real. I couldn't have lost!"

the black evil creature bellowed frantically.

He could not accept the fact that he was defeated by a human at the preliminary stage of Immortal Transforming Realm.

"Nothing is impossible; in war any outcome is possible.

You're going to die today, I hope you came prepared!"

Austin laughed and swung at the evil creature.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The space around Austin and the black evil creature exploded and more black holes appeared.

A moment later, Austin grabbed the black halberd with his left hand and hit the black evil creature's head with his other hand.


The head of the evil creature exploded like a watermelon, and his spiritual soul was immediately destroyed!

The battle just proved that Austin could take down a master who had reached the preliminary stage of Immortal King Realm simply by using his Supreme Holy Body.

Austin stood still, then he floated in the air. His black hair hung down like a waterfall. He looked at his hands with a bright smile. His hands shone as if they were made of jade.

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