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   Chapter 2434 Return To The Immortal End World

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8171

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Inside the secret chamber, Austin was trying to control his breathing.

In front of him, there were dozens of drops of essence which looked like they had been carved out of jade. They glittered like gold when the light fell on them.

Half an hour later, Austin opened his mouth in one sudden movement.

In an instant all the essences were absorbed.


Immediately, every drop of the essence melted. Endless energy from the tree system rushed towards Austin like a tremendous tsunami. It split into thousands of huge clear waves each of which were as high as a mountain and spilled into every inch of Austin's body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The supreme holy fruit essence Austin had absorbed earlier, also showed up in his body. The supreme holy fruit and the essence of the supreme holy tree met and served as a catalyst for a violent reaction.

At this moment, Austin's body was like a very hot stove, melting his the flesh and boiling his blood. His body seemed like it was holding in an erupting volcano.

His bare human skin was simply the wrapping that was holding in the violent reactions within it. The collision of the different essence had taken the form of a surge of blazing hot magma.

The starry sky around the warship was split into innumerable holes by the invisible force at the same time. Tremendous energy from the starry sky poured through these holes, gathering around the warship with a loud roaring.

The energy from the stars was as great as the depths of the ocean. The warship was drowning against the pressure from it.

The tremendous energy of the stars was all being absorbed by Austin's body after they entered the warship.

Austin was sitting in the practicing room of the warship like the ruler of this sky, shrouded in the infinite energy he was deriving from the stars.

The energy of the starry sky, hundreds, or even thousands of miles away was attracted by Austin's body and turned into tsunami, roaring.

Like the epicenter of a black hole, Austin's body was absorbing all the power in the surrounding starry sky crazily.

Elroy had mentioned this possibility to Austin before so he wasn't taken aback by it at all.

One day, two days, three days passed...

Time seemed to have slowed down.

The energy of stars in the sky around the warship was being absorbed slowly by Austin's body.

Soon, more than half a month had passed.


In the secret chamber of the warsh

! Bang! Bang!

Ten energy columns were fired all of a sudden. The energy columns were so powerful that even the space around them began to melt.

The skulls were smashed into pieces with not much debris left as proof of their existence.

These were actually the warships of evil creatures.

The evil creatures on those warship were also smashed to nothingness.


Austin marveled at the sight.

"What? !"

The evil creatures who had witnessed this scene were all dumbstruck.

That warship destroyed seven of theirs with one barrage!

"How dare you! You puny human! Who the hell are you? Where are you from? Why did you destroy the warships of the Third Demonic World?

Are you foolish enough to plan to declare war on the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World?"

The evil creatures came around and roared threats at Austin one after the other.

"Human boy, don't be so arrogant. We'll chop you into so many pieces, even your mother wouldn't recognize you!"

With a howl, a ferocious evil creature appeared in front of Austin aggressively.

The evil creature, more than ten meters high, was pitch black all over. He had a head like a dog's head, a long black tail on his back but his body was that of a human.

Shrouded in a strong black evil aura, he exuded an overbearing and murderous will, which locked Austin in his spot.

"Ha-ha! I honestly don't think you can kill me.

Well, let's fight anyway! I will try the power of the Supreme Holy Body at a higher state on you!"

Austin sneered as he looked at the dark evil creature rushing towards him. He wasn't scared at all.

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