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   Chapter 2432 Half And Half

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Within moments, Bennet had evolved into a huge golden python, so high that his head was flying in the clouds. His bloody mouth wide open, the python lunged at Austin with enormous momentum.

Such was his ferocity that his violent vital energy force turned into a terrible energy hurricane. As he dashed forwards, the hurricane began to roll.

Austin also sped up and soared into the sky, heading straight for the head of the golden python.

The sight was visible even to people outside the city, and everyone was in awe.

"Watch out, Austin!"

Kelsey exclaimed as he witnessed the fight from outside the city.

From what the audience could gather, Austin's body was as tiny as an ant in front of the huge python, looming in the sky like a mountain. It looked like Austin was going to be mercilessly slaughtered.

Everyone knew that this trick of turning into a python was a profound and mysterious secret skill owned by a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm.

Even if warriors of the Immortal King Realm were fighting this python, they had to be cautious, and Austin had just reached the Immortal Transformation Realm.

However, he didn't dodge and merely kept going forward.

It looked like he was going to confront the python head on.


After a few seconds, Austin and the golden python clashed together.

He had punched the python straight in the face with his right hand.

However, before the collision, his fist had been glittering as if it had been glazed. In reality, instead of being an ordinary fist, it was now solid like a diamond and glowing like one too.

In fact, Austin's whole body looked like it was made of jade that was glowing in the sun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

To everyone's astonishment, Austin's fist kept on colliding fiercely with the python without suffering any imminent damage.

However, every time the collision happened, Austin would take a step back.

After some time, he had stepped back a dozen steps.

It looked like he was at a slight disadvantage.

Blood was beginning to seep from the corner of his mouth. It was surging inside his body, and his face had turned a little red, but he was not seriously injured.

"Am I dreaming or what?


he then ordered.

The members of the Tang Clan headed for the city immediately.

One by one, they removed the Space Rings from the dead bodies, and collected quite a bit of treasure.

A few minutes later, someone reported that the treasure house of the Divine Snake Gang had been found. Austin's eyes began to glow with excitement and he rushed into the innermost part of the city immediately.

Kelsey smiled and followed him.

Very soon, he found the place too, and rushed inside. His excitement upon laying eyes on the horde was embarrassingly visible.

The Tycoon World held great power and resources.

Although the Divine Snake Gang was only a third class small sect, it still had a great treasure horde.

If not astounding, it was still a bit shocking for Austin who had come here from the Immortal End World.

Numerous vital energy crystals, elixirs, magic weapons, various treasures, as well as hundreds of secret books on martial arts were piled up in there, lying in a heap that was large enough to be called a hill.

"Austin, we will divide this fortune fifty-fifty. The Tang Clan takes half and you take the rest. Are you okay with that?"

Kelsey followed him into the treasure house.


Austin was absolutely fine with that.

He immediately jumped into action afterwards, and started piling things into his own Space Ring. It was both comic and strange to watch!

"This guy..."

Kelsey was taken aback at his sudden jump into the hill!

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