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   Chapter 2431 The Power Of The Supreme Holy Body

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Bennet finally appeared.

Ever since Elroy had regained his strength and become the chief of the Tang Clan again, Bennet had had the nagging feeling that something terrible was going to happen.

That was why, for the past month, Bennet had been hiding at the headquarters of the Divine Snake Gang without daring to go anywhere. He had announced to the outside world that he was cultivating in seclusion.

In the meantime, he had been seriously mulling over whether to lead his people out of Tycoon World to another world or not.

But before he could even make up his mind, someone had come kicking at the gates of the Divine Snake City—and it turned out to be Kelsey and Austin.

More than a dozen warships fired cannons at the same time, flinging beams of thick energy light pillars into the city.

"Initiate the city protection arrays!"

Bennet shouted.

Although the Divine Snake Gang was only a small sect in Tycoon World, it had set up many powerful defense arrays in its headquarters thanks to long-term management and accumulation, so the city was very strong in terms of its defenses.


With the order from Bennet, a vast aura suddenly bloomed in the city, activating a sizeable number of defense arrays that rose up and formed a brilliant defensive curtain that enveloped the whole city.

These arrays were bombarded by the energy light columns, but they held up well and protected the city from them.

"Activate our secret weapon!"

Kelsey said with a confident smile on his face.

'Secret weapon?'

Austin was stunned; Kelsey had never mentioned such a thing to him.

Then, out of nowhere, a gigantic silver warship appeared.

The warship covered almost the whole sky, casting a huge shadow on the ground and making it seem as if night had fallen.

"It's the Array Destroyer of the Tang Clan!"

Bennet exclaimed as he and the other members of the Divine Snake Gang raised their heads and looked at the huge warship in the sky with fear.

It was common knowledge for all the living beings in Tycoon World that the Tang Clan had an extremely terrifying warship called the Array Destroyer.

However, no one in Divine Snake City had ever expected that Kelsey would bring this warship to attack them.

As they all stared at it with their mouths agape, they noticed how big the gun on its bow was⁠—about a hundred meters in diameter—and that it was aimed right at the city!

Before they could even react, a tremendously large

Divine Snake Gang, and his position and strength were both higher than that of the elder in cyan.

"Son of a bitch! Go to hell!"

the grey-haired elder roared as he engaged in a fierce battle with Austin.

Austin withstood a few of the elder's attacks with his flesh alone.

At the same time, he struck the elder with his palm, causing him to disintegrate into a cloud of blood.

The grey-haired elder had been at the premium stage of Immortal Realm, but his combat effectiveness had been mediocre.

Nevertheless, this meant that Austin could kill a warrior at the premium stage of Immortal Realm!

'Shit, he is exceptional!'

Kelsey thought to himself. Although he knew that the Supreme Holy Body was powerful, he was still a little shocked when he saw Austin beat the elder to death with only one strike.

"Austin, you've killed too many elders of my sect. You will pay with your life!"

Bennet, the leader of the Divine Snake Gang, roared all of a sudden before turning into a shadow and charging at Austin.

Just now, he had been engaged in battle with a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm from the Tang Clan, so he hadn't been able to save the two elders. After seeing how easily they had died at Austin's hands, he first felt shocked, and then a thirst for revenge overcame him.

The elders of the Divine Snake Gang were like his right arm. The death of an elder was like losing a finger, and he had already lost two of them!

"Ha-ha! I wonder how long my Supreme Holy Body will last when facing a cultivator at the Immortal King Realm,"

Austin said cockily with a faint smile. Then, he charged forward as well.

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